Wild Rift Esports first steps in the Philippines to showcase its potential

League of Legends Wild Rift esports is about to start taking its first steps. The game might only be in beta, but Wild Rift esports are already heating up. This week saw the announcement of a new $200,000 competition in the Philippines.This is the first announcement after Riot Games teased the beginning of Wild Rift esports last month.

While it is still early days, this is a major step forward for Wild Rift. Alongside some recent news about the title’s expansion, things look bright. This is what you need to know about the tournament, and how the esports scene’s first event is going to run:

Mineski Wild Rift Tournament

© Mineski

Wild Rift Esports League Launched in the Philippines

Wild Rift is the mobile spin-off to the mainline League of Legends game. The title is hoping to break into the lucrative mobile esports market.

League of Legends Wild Rift has been around in the Philippines for only 3 months in the open beta. However, this new League is already going to be giving the top players a chance at getting some real success in the game. The Philippines tournament is going to be a lengthy competition, with a decent prize pool, and an entirely open format. This is how it is going to work:

  • The Wild Rift Esports Competitive Circuit is going to feature a prize pool of $200,000, in Philippines pesos.
  • The tournament is being split into two separate seasons, Summer and Fall. Each is run by Mineski, an esports organization and event organizer. They’re known for both their LoL and DOTA 2 teams, and for operating a nationwide chain of internet cafes providing the potential for anyone to get involved in Esports.
  • The country is being divided into four different regions. Each is having its own open format tournament to find the best teams that are already out there. No teams are getting a direct invite to this event, everyone has to fight for their spot and prove they’re one of the best in this young game.
  • Each of the teams that qualify throughout those rounds will enter into a group stage. Following this, there will be playoffs in the typical style.
  • The prize pool is awarded based on how many points a team scores throughout the group stage and play-offs. This style is different from the typical division, but it does ensure growth for Wild Rift esports.

Wild Rift Expansion

This is first of what could be a lot of expansion for Wild Rift esports in 2021:

Under this kind of system, the esports circuit can recruit from the largest pool of available players. Each of the teams who perform well will receive enough in prize money to grow as a team and become a bigger part of the country’s esports scene. While unusual, this system might be one to emulate for growing esports games.

Wild Rift Worldwide

Outside of the Philippines, the game is seeing good growth. The game has now been available for a short while in quite a few territories, and its popularity is growing. The title has recently received some pretty big news for its future. League of Legends Wild Rift has been approved in China. This opens up a huge marketplace for the game. Mobile esports is particularly popular in China, with Wild Rift itself somewhat emulating the country’s top-grossing game, Honor of Kings.

Wild Rift esports is a growing area and this new league in the Philippines is only the beginning. The game is opening up new marketplaces for League of Legends, and it will be interesting to see where things head from here.

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