Will Fnatic or G2 tie Rogue? – LEC Week 6 Preview

LEC will be continuing its action with Week 6! Last week, we saw the biggest upset of the split so far: Rogue not only lost to Misfits Gaming, but they also lost to the last place team Astralis, grating them the first win of their LEC Spring.

Rogue’s two losses have closed the gap between them and Fnatic, who are now only one win behind. Will FNC reach RGE in the standings? Or will they open the gap again? Let’s see the most important matches of both teams for this week 6!

As always, you will find all the best bets with the LoL odds at the end of our preview. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it!


@ Fnatic

RGE vs MAD – Friday 22:00 CET

We mentioned that Rogue lost Week 5’s matches in one of the most surprising fashions. While we weren’t expecting them to go 18-0 this split, we certainly did not expect them to lose their first series against the team that had no wins, Astralis. So, is Rogue bad all of a sudden?

I don’t think so.

After watching the two series, it was easier to pinpoint the reasons why the team failed to win. The main issue comes from the draft. Last week, the LEC switched to the new patch 12.3, and with that, new changes were implemented, including the Corki nerf as well as Ahri’s rework.

For teams in the LEC, the priority for Corki fell off a cliff. Since Viktor was a usual answer to Corki and an extremely powerful weapon on Larssen’s hands, also Viktor ended up falling in priority. In addition, Rogue tried Jinx and Janna down in the bot lane. While I don’t think laning wise the duo is bad, it is extremely terrible when you’re playing with no front line at all. In fact, RGE drafted Jayce, Lee Sin, Ahri together with Jinx and Janna. While it is a poke and pick comp, it is very hard to play against Astralis’ team, with both Vex and Zeri.

In the series against Misfits, instead, RGE pivoted towards Lucian and Nami. It’s been since Worlds 2021 that we haven’t seen this duo basically, and it didn’t seem like it’s strong compared to other bot laners. Jinx and Lulu scale much harder into the later stages of the game and you can’t really beat a Jinx when she gets the passive going. All in all, Rogue’s main culprit was the draft read.

With that being said, I expect Rogue to return to their usual drafts for this week. Going up against MAD Lions, who also have been on a downtrend recently, might not be such a huge problem. A lot of the focus will be on the early game, as both teams’ junglers are very proactive. If Rogue already starts rolling in the early stages, we might have a one-sided game. Below you can find the best odds for this match:

  • Winner: Rogue (1.58x)
  • First Dragon: Rogue (1.77x)
  • First Herald: MAD Lions (2.01x)
  • First Tower: Rogue (1.55x)
  • Map Duration: Under 33.5 (2.29)
  • Total Kills: under 27.5 (1.86x)

G2 vs FNC – Saturday 21:00 CET

It’s time to talk about Fnatic, who will have the rematch against G2 in this LEC Week 6. The last time out the two teams clashed, G2 dominated FNC, both thanks to arguably a better draft but especially due to Fnatic’s players underperforming.

This time, I’m excepting both teams to be delivering on a similar level and it’s really hard to make a call right now. I suggest watching the draft as it will be extremely important to understand. Generally speaking, Fnatic’s win condition will still be the bot lane. To do so, however, Fnatic must have a good match-up on the mid lane. Humanoid must work with Razork to create coordinated plays.

On the other hand, G2 can do pretty much anything they want with their team in terms of draft. Their form has been solid the whole split and they’ve been on the rise recently. They are much more flexible than Fnatic and they can know how to execute different types of team compositions.

For this reason, I’m giving this series to G2 again. Only if Fnatic shows up in their best form possible, then they might have a chance. Otherwise, G2 will likely be the one instead to get closer to Rogue. Below you can find the best odds for this series:

  • Winner: G2 Esports (2.21x)
  • First Blood: Fnatic (1.78x)
  • First Dragon: Fnatic (1.61x)
  • First Herald: G2 Esports (1.79x)
  • Map Duration: over 34.5 (2.31x)
  • Total kills: over 27.5 (2.05x)
  • Race to five kills: G2 Esports (1.97x)

The odds in today’s selection are courtesy of GG.BET.