Gen.G vs Cloud9 – Worlds 2021 Match Analysis, Predictions & Odds

Gen.G and C9 will face each other in the first round of Knockout Stage of Worlds 2021. Both teams were happy with the draw, and both celebrated their luck of evading “hard opponents”. But, which one is harder between the two? Can Cloud9 pull out another surprise at the event, or is Gen.G destined to continue the LCK dominance at Worlds.

We’ll analyze both teams and see who will likely advance forward. We break down the LoL Worlds Odds and likely in-play outcomes at the end of the article.

c9 Worlds Playoffs

Image credit: Michal Konkol

Gen.G – Winner of the closest groups in Worlds History

The LCK 2nd seed came out victorious from what was the most exciting group of all. For the first time in League’s history, a Worlds Group saw all the three teams tied with a 3-3 record.

Based on average game duration, Gen.G ended up facing Team Liquid first, and MAD Lions after for first place. With that win, Gen.G became the fourth LCK team to advance, showing that Korea is not a “one-team” region this year.

Gen.G’s playstyle has not changed much over the course of the last two years. We also need to consider that their roster has been playing together since the beginning of 2020, so the players know each other really well. While Gen.G is somewhat predictable, they rely on their star players to outperform the enemies… and it works.

Mid laner Bdd and ADC Ruler are the core of Gen.G’s lineup. From what we’ve seen in Groups Stage, Bdd seems to get more spotlight: his mage champions made him deal almost 30% of the team’s total damage. Ruler, on the other hand, seems to default to Miss Fortune as his go-to pick.

One thing worth mentioning is that Gen.G hasn’t played a game with Lucian yet. We’ll have to see if that power pick will give Gen.G a further boost. Anyway, Gen.G has a history of dropping when it mattered the most: this might be the time to break the curse.

C9 – The Darkhorse of Worlds 2021

Cloud9 made the impossible feat of advancing from Group A. The biggest upset of this year’s Worlds allowed NA to have a seed in the Knockout Stage. Everything is all the more impressive considering that Cloud9 was the 3rd seed and had to go through play-ins.

C9 showed to have the courage to try everything they can because they had nothing to lose. If something didn’t play out as expected, they would retry again until they found an opening. Not only that, but the team seems to be comfortable with many different playstyles.

The key? It’s their top laner Fudge. The Australian player piloted seven different champions throughout the groups stage, each playing it only once. His champion pool gave a wide range of options for C9, both to their junglers (with Graves), and mid. With the jungle-mid-support trio roaming together around the map, they found many opportunities to capitalize on and it worked.

Cloud9 is without a doubt the Dark Horse of this Worlds 2021. They had to struggle through play-ins and groups stage, and they’ll likely do the same against Gen.G. However, they were the ones who defied all odds and might surprise us again.

C9 vs Gen.G Predictions & Match Odds

Coming into this match, it seems very obvious that odds are in Gen.G’s favor. (1.5x, odds courtesy of GG.BET). With Korea having four teams still in the tournament, people are aware that they seem the best regions right now.

However, I personally don’t think Gen.G will be able to get away with a straight 3-0. Cloud9 has the potential to at least take a game off, so a 3-1 seems a lot more reasonable. Betting on the correct map score will bet you a 3.71x: a good way to rack up fast cash.

Each game will have its own trend, but the general idea is that Clou9 will want to play top-mid centric. On the other hand, Gen.G will do the opposite by playing for the bot lane. As a consequence, we can make lower-risk bets that will still give us good money. First Herald pick up for Cloud9 (2.29x) seems very reasonable, while First Dragon will likely go to Gen.G. (2.05x)

Other bets worth making is First Tower: it will probably be Gen.G the first team to do it. (1.59x) Total kills are also worth looking into as both teams make a lot of kills and deaths. An over-26.5 total kills (1.87x) will almost double your investment: take it into consideration.