LoL Worlds 2021 – Who will advance out of Group A on Friday?

Following the first three days of action, Group A continues with Day 4 of Worlds 2021 Group Stage this Friday. Take a look at how the teams have performed so far and what are the odds of each team going to the next stage.

With western teams crumbling at Worlds 2021, who do you think will advance between DK, FPX, RGE and C9?

Perkz Worlds 2021

C9 Perkz

LoL Worlds 2021 – Group A Standings

  1. DAMWON Kia 3-0
  2. FunPlusPhoenix 2-1
  3. Rogue 1-2
  4. Cloud9 0-3

DAWMON Kia was the undisputed number one of the group, beating the competition and almost guaranteeing themselves a spot to the Knockout Stage. They should have no problems winning at least one of the three matches. With that being said, DK must not relax.

FunPlus Phoenix were dominated in the Day 1 opener against the Korean 1st seed, but they bounced back with two wins against Rogue and Cloud9. If they keep up what they showed so far, their chances of advancing are also very high. FPX’s most important match, though, is the rematch against DK. Depending on how that goes, we might witness a tie-breaker for first place in Group A, crucial for the Knockout stage.

Rogue are matching the expectations set by the fans: they beat Cloud9, but they struggled hard against the two Asian teams. We saw glimpses of hope in the match against DK, with the Fiddlesticks pick. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough.

Cloud9 had the bad luck of ending up in the worst group following play-ins, and their performance is showing that the team is still not good enough to fight the very best. Against DK, the team were never in control of the game, as the LCK 1st seed picked up all objectives. Drafts also played a major impact on this series, so Cloud9 must work on that.

Worlds 2021 Day 4 Predictions

Coming into Day 4 of Worlds 2021, we expect teams to have similar results to the first Round Robin. DK and FPX are the hard favorites in their matches against the western teams. Instead, if we focus on the more “uncertain” series, we can find a lot higher LoL Worlds odds, and more opportunities to make some quick cash. (odds are courtesy of

We identified two crucial matches that will define the group either way. One may lock in two teams for knockouts and set them up for a tiebreaker, while the other might give either team a chance at qualifying.

FPX vs DK – Friday 13:00 CET

As we previously mentioned, this series is vital for the seeding in Group A. DK has been on a rampage, and it seems like their form will last a lot. “Worlds form” DK is such a different beast from what we’ve seen throughout the whole year. Not only their core players are playing insanely well, but even the criticized bot lane is performing. Drafts have also improved, adding more late-game components, to have a strong team across all stages of the game.

On the other hand, FPX needs to show they can at least fight with DK. The LPL team has never been a Best-of-1 team, and they succeed more in prolonged series. They realized that they need to play their “own way” to win. When they tried different stuff in the first match against DK, they failed.

It is going to be a much closer series this time around, but I’m still favoring DK in this one. (1.5x) All eyes will be on the mid-jungle duo and how they will transfer the pressure on the map. Expect champions like Twisted Fate, Sylas, and Galio banned. If those get taken off the board, I think FPX might have a chance to take First Blood, so give it a try. (1.96x)

In terms of objectives, DK is focusing more on the Rift Herald with their strong top-mid, so picking it up shouldn’t be a big problem (1.73x) As a consequence, the First Drake for FPX is also likely: the odds are also very high in this case (2.38x)

I would avoid betting on game duration, as these two teams will likely skirmish a lot but not fully commit. The game will drag a little longer, above the 32.5-minute mark (1.93x), but the risk is a little higher compared to the other bets.

Rogue vs Cloud9 – Friday 14:00 CET

On one side, we have Rogue who still hopes to find a miraculous second round robin to advance. On the other, we have Cloud9, who’s almost certain to leave Iceland.

Coming into this match, Rogue is still very favored. Their playstyle relies on good macro play in the early-mid game, and most North American teams struggle to find good answers. Dragons will become highly contested, as both teams should play bot-side centric. Just like their last game, there’s a chance Cloud9 picks it up.(2.08x)

As usual, make sure to wait for the drafts to unfold. If Rogue picks roaming mids rather than control mages ones, you can be sure that they will want to take Rift Herald and push turret objectives early. (1.88x)

Contrary to the first game, it is worth betting on game duration: Rogue will play slowly and with composure. An over 33.5-minute will double your earnings (2.1x), keep an eye on it when making your bets. As for total kills, I would try to go under 26.5, it seems a reasonable bet that will make you a 1.94x return on your investment.