G2 and DK fight for second, EG hope for miracle – Worlds Group B Preview

Now that we have covered Group A at Worlds 2022, it’s time to check out yet another dangerous group, Group B. With the LPL Champions JDG in the group, how will the other teams behave against the big favorites of the tournament?

Let’s break the entire group down and set our expectations.

G2 Gold 2

Worlds 2022 Group B Analysis

Group B will feature the LPL first seed JDG, the LEC second seed G2 Esports, the LCK third seed DWG KIA and Evil Geniuses, who earned the qualification through play-ins.

JDG are the tournament favorites

If there’s one team who can make you have a heart attack, that’s JDG. The Chinese team has put together a really formidable roster, with some of the best talents around the world. Top laner 369 is arguably the number one top laner coming into Worlds, and the same goes for support Missing, who made a huge step up this year. If jungler Kanavi is not considered the best in the world, then he’s surely the number two jungler. Yagao won the Finals’ MVP in the LPL playoffs, proving to everyone that he’s not just getting carried by his team and Hope has been a consistent presence to lead the team during the teamfights.

JDG is our top pick in the LoL Worlds Power Rankings for a reason. What’s impressive about the team is how they can always find a way to take fights, even when behind in gold. It doesn’t matter the situation they are in, JDG will find the right spot to punish you. Their great positioning and understanding of choke and flank points is something you don’t see often in teams.

With how the team fought for the championship in the LPL, JDG are looking to end in first place in Group B: they have the best teamfighting and the most well-rounded roster, which should allow them to comfortably beat the competition.

JDG LoL Worlds

G2 Esports aims to send LCK packing

G2 should’ve been the strongest team the LEC had this year if it wasn’t for the disastrous showing during the LEC Finals. The series against Rogue proved that the team still has some issues, especially when it comes to the early game. If Targamas is playing enchanters, Jankos cannot rely on him to roam around the map and help him make plays. This, in turn, doesn’t allow Caps to make to get the snowball he needs, and being G2’s primary carry, it’s a major loss.

The meta shift towards engaged supports and more aggressive picks should benefit G2 overall since Targamas should be able to return to his roaming playstyle. Flakked is better off playing weakside and absorbing pressure or playing engaging picks like Kai’Sa who has returned to the meta. G2 should also put BrokenBlade less on tank duty and give him the chance to play counter picks up in the top lane.

Overall, G2’s potential will likely depend on how the team will show up at Worlds. If they can find their comfort style that got them to MSI, G2 can have the potential to fight during the group stage. Otherwise, it will be a tough run for the LEC team.

DWG Kia needs to have their best end-season to advance

Last year’s finalists have reached Worlds again for the fourth year in a row, putting DWG Kia among the elite organizations in the League esports scene. Compared to the previous years, though, the LCK team might not have the same potential that allowed them to be finalists.

Throughout the year, DK struggled to find their winning formula: all lanes needed attention and Canyon couldn’t really play around everyone, except Showmaker. It got to a point where Canyon was being the carry and while it worked for a while, carry junglers wasn’t the way to go in summer. At Worlds, having Canyon on carries might be a better idea, but even then, the team has to play around him and make improvements.

Deokdam and Kellin weren’t a top tier bot lane duo this year and Nuguri was being too aggressive on certain occasions, to the point where substitute Burdol would come in and take the weakside role. Nuguri’s playoff performances, though, were convincing so it’s expected to see him being the starting top laner. In a tournament where there are a great number of mechanical top laners, a player like Nuguri is a must on the team.

In one way or the other, DK find themselves in a similar situation to G2. They have talented players but it’s more about making them work together based on the meta. By looking at DK’s top side, they have the potential of fighting for top spots. If the bot lane can keep up and not get destroyed, the Korean team will likely make the top two.

On the other hand, Nuguri is the type of player who can choke the enemy laner and extend his lead if given the attention. In this meta, Canyon will likely play around him more which benefits both of them since the Korean jungler himself can also play carry style. All of this gives DK more options, especially in draft. In other words, DK were some of the bigger winners from the Worlds patch.

DWG KIA Worlds

Evil Geniuses hoping for a miracle

The LCS team has the advantage of having played on stage, which should help them in dealing with the pressure. Nevertheless, Evil Geniuses is going to face three teams that are at a much greater level than what they went against in play-ins.

Inspired was definitely the best player on the lineup, as the current meta is more to his liking. He achieved a pretty insane 14.0 KDA, piloting both carry junglers and tank junglers. EG’s strong point is that they have made great draft preparations for Worlds: in 10 matches, each player has at least played 6 unique champions, with Kaori playing 8 different ADCs already.

While they might not be the best team from a mechanical point of view, EG can surprise the other three teams with well-thought drafts. They might not be strong enough to finish in the top two, but you can bet the LCS team will be giving its all to at least take a few wins from the best teams in the world.

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