WoW Offering Free Shadowlands Expansion

No matter the situation, getting something for free from Blizzard is not a bad thing. This time around, Blizzard is giving Shadowlands as well as a free character boost to level 50 to everyone who previously owned some kind of World of Warcraft expansion and did not play Shadowlands.


Image Credits | Wowhead

How can you claim the gift?

If you are looking forward to returning to one of the best MMORPG games of all time, you have to log into your account on the client, and you will see that you have two unclaimed gifts in the top right of the client’s window.

As we mentioned in the beginning, to receive Shadowlands and the character boost, you had to play World of Warcraft at some point, and we are not referring to betting on WoW but playing the game. For example, you should have received the gifts if you have a Battle for Azeroth expansion.

Is there a catch?

While there is no catch, you will receive the expansion for free, and you can boost any character to level 50 (the same level as characters that were maxed out in Battle for Azeroth), but you will not get a subscription. Once you re-subscribe for at least a month, you can play the game and boost a character of your choice, which you will still have to level to 60.

Is it worth it?

We all know that Shadowlands is probably not the best expansion, as it saw a giant hiatus from previous enjoyers of the game. However, with the latest patch, you will be able to enjoy all the raids of the expansion with a unique twist, as they will have special affixes that change weekly, and you can get some decent loot to prepare yourself for leveling in Dragonflight, which will come out by the end of the year.

Once you gear up your character in Shadowlands, you can always hop onto the WoW Classic servers, which will get a WotLK pre-patch on August 30th. During the pre-patch, you will have an easy time leveling your character to 70, and on September 26th, you can experience Wrath of the Lich King with some minor changes compared to the 2008 version of the game.