WoW Shadowlands AWC Season 2 – Can Method unite EU & NA trophies?

The World of Warcraft Arena World Championship is in the midst of its 14th year in the game. This long-running competition has become the center point for competitive Warcraft. We’re just about to move into WoW Shadowlands AWC Season 2. This latest competition is bringing together the top teams from the last few events to compete for a spot at the Grand Finals later this year.

While there is plenty of action coming our way, the key storyline is the rebirth of Method and their inevitable run to reclaim former glory. Two rosters are fighting to bring Method to their winning ways in Arena, while an exciting Race to World First and Mythic Dungeon International spice things up even further.


WoW Shadowlands AWC Season 2

The WoW Shadowlands AWC Season 2 is one of the biggest events on the competitive World of Warcraft calendar. The Season is taking the top 16 teams form Europe and North America. The rosters are made up of the top six teams from each region from the Season 1 Circuit. Alongside this, the top two teams from the Relegation Cup are joining along with the newest AWC circuit teams.

These are the organizations that will be competing:


  • Skill Capped EU
  • Ad Hoc Gaming
  • Badluckbones
  • Creed
  • Method EU
  • MyWay
  • Reload Esports
  • Tegridy Damp

North America

  • Method NA
  • Borngood retirement fund
  • Cloud9
  • Golden Guardians
  • Hamsters and Hares
  • Shadow Word: Chicken
  • OTK Network
  • Unitas

Skill Capped and Method won the Europe and North American trophies last season. There is now a solid chance Method unites both trophies, as both of their rosters are considered favorites for the upcoming season. Method took home the top prize in North America last time around. Their entire current NA roster was brought over to the team in February of this year. This new squad has quite the pedigree in previous competitions, and they’re definitely a team to watch if you’re looking at World of Warcraft betting.

It is good to see Method return to their competitive ways. Ever since the Methodjosh drama last year caused the organization to largely lose all Arena, Raiding and Dungeon teams, they have been hard at work at rebuilding the organization stronger and better then ever before.

Their competitive teams have slightly bounced back. The North American roster is entirely new team that actually beat the former Method roster (currently OTK Network) in the previous season. The EU roster is a 50/50 from their previous iteration, with Chas and Whaazz defending the Method banner once again. The former roster couldn’t come back together entirely after, Andreas “Raiku” Meaney and Rene “Swapxy” Pinkera faced indefinite bans by Blizzard. Zunniyaki and Thesia were brought over to finalize the roster in their stead. The EU Roster has a taller order, as they consistently placed second in Season 1.

AWC Season 2 Format

The tournament itself is going to be a four-week round-robin event, and due to start up on July 31st. The top four teams from the regions after this event will go forward to the Shadowlands 2021 Grand Finals. Season 2 of the Shadowlands event is going to be based around brand new content in the game. The Chains of Domination is going to be on show, a long awaited continuation for this expansion. The AWC casters have spent quite a bit of time in the Public Test Realm to see how the metagame will shape for this brand-new content.

With the arrival of Patch 9.1, we also have the MDI teams and the Race to World First heating up as well. Plenty of action is coming to World of Warcraft this summer. Get ready for intense battles across every competitive aspect in Shadowlands. If you’re watching out for the event, then you can find it on the Warcraft official YouTube channel when the event kicks off.

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