Can the west take on the east? – WTL vs The World Starcraft 2 Showmatch

Starcraft esports is still holding strong. There are still plenty of tournaments held on a regular basis, and the competition on those tournaments created all kinds of rivalries. Everyone knows that when it comes to Starcraft, Korean players tend to dominate the scene, and they have been doing that for years. The west (EU) now wants to challenge the status quo.

This weekend, on January 9th 2022, we will get to see if that is still true, as team WTL faces a team of four players that is not a part of the WTL, aka. the World. The prize pool for the event is ¥80,000, where the winner gets to split ¥50,000, and the losers get to split ¥30,000.

SC2 WTL vs The World

WTL vs The World – Who are the players?

Since this is a show match, we will be able to see how the players match up at the start of 2022, ahead of the upcoming Intel Extreme Masters tournament in Katowice. If you are not sure what that is, do not worry, we will probably cover it in the future, as it is one of the biggest gaming events for all kinds of games, Starcraft included.

WTL Team roster:

  • Maru – Korean Terran player
  • Rogue – Korean Zerg player
  • TIME – Chinese Terran player
  • Trap – Korean Protoss player

World Team roster:

  • HeRoMaRinE – German Terran player
  • Reynor – Italian Zerg player
  • Serral – Finnish Zerg player
  • ShoWTimE – German Protoss player

Old rivalries

It would be very interesting if we could talk about each matchup individually, but that would honestly take too much time. But instead, we can summarize what we can expect from this event. While one would expect the team WTL to dominate team World, as we went through the previous matchups, even if players from team WTL tended to win more often, there are times when team World players managed to win.

With that said, you can expect anything to happen at this event, and since we all love to be entertained by high-quality esports, we can only hope for an upset.

Where to watch?

As per usual, there are a couple of different streams that you can tune into in order to catch the games live. The matches start off at 8:00 GMT (UTC +0), but some of the streams might start sooner to hype things up with interesting commentary and analyses. You can expect official streams on: Huya, Douyu and Bilibili, while streamer coverage will be done mostly by WardiTV and SCBoy on their personal channels. Legendk, IntoTheiNu, Crank are also going to feature this showmatch.

You can expect it to be broadcasted in 4 different languages: Chinese (F91, MacSed, Xiaose), Korean (Crank, iNu), English (WardiTV) and French (Zuka).

If you have not watched Starcraft esports in a while, then tuning in for this show match is definitely a great way to come back, as it will probably feature one of the best games that Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void has to offer not only in forms of skill quality but also entertainment. Starcraft betting and odds are available at select esports bookmakers already.