Xbox Games with Gold Offerings Announced For September 2022

Subscribers of Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be satisfied with their monthly Games with Gold subscription for the month of September after it was announced that Gods Will Fall, Portal 2, Double Kick Heroes and Thrillville will be its latest offerings.


Image Credits | XBOX

Wxciting Xbox Offerings

Thrillville and Gods Will Fall will be available to gamers from the offset with Thrillville set to only last till 15 September. Portal 2 and Double Kick Heroes will only be after 16 September. This is an excellent mix of games that should attract gamers of varying tastes.

Thrillville is among a coterie of Frontier games that have got a cult following over the years. This one is a theme park designer – released back in the days of the original Xbox — that allows the player to build roller coasters, lose time on arcade games, mini golf and more. The player has the choice of going with any sort of theme that he or she deems fit from western to sci-fi. Players can spend an infinite number of hours on this title.

Next up is Gods Will Fall, an action/adventure game set in a dark fantasy setting about a group of Celtic warriors who band up to take on the gods themselves. Gamers who enjoy Kaiju-themed narratives will definitely dig this one. Every fighter has their own unique skills in this one and the 10 gods in the game provide different challenges.

Double Kick Heroes is a great mix of rhythm and shoot ‘em up games set in a steam punk Los Angeles. It’s like a Mad Maxian wasteland with a dose of zombies. The aesthetic is certainly going to attract a lot of gamers. Fans of rhythm games like Guitar Hero and metal music will definitely have a lot of fun spending hours on this game.

Portal 2 is also there!

Last but not the least is the legendary Portal 2, one of the best games of the Xbox 360 generation. It remains one of the great sci-fi puzzle games off all-time. It might only take over six hours to beat players old and new love going back to this title because of its challenging puzzles which test a gamer’s intelligence, a darkly comic cast of characters and razor-sharp writing.

Portal 2 and its predecessor seem to age nicely with every passing year, which shines a light on just how remarkable an achievement it was when initially released by Valve. There are also excellent cooperative experiences once players are done with the single-player mode.

There is no better time to get this subscription because Xbox 360 games will no longer be on offer from October. Microsoft came out with the following statement back in July:

“We have reached the limit of our ability to bring Xbox 360 games to the catalog; however, Games with Gold will continue to include exciting Xbox One titles and exclusive savings each month. This will not impact any Xbox 360 games that you downloaded before October 2022. Any Xbox 360 titles that you redeem via Games with Gold before that time are yours to keep on your Xbox account, regardless of whether you continue your subscription.”

Portal 2 is an essential video game experience and the other games on the list provide just the sort of variety to keep gamers engaged when they need a change of scenery. Xbox Game Pass includes XBOX Live Gold but unlike the former, there is no 12-month subscription option. What’s certain is that Thrillville, Gods Will Fall, Double Kick Heroes and Portal 2 can keep gamers glued to their consoles for a lot longer than 12 months. The Xbox Live Gold service remains one of the hallmarks of the console.