Yoshidora breaks Elite Smash win record and its fully on stream

Smash isn’t well known for having a great online experience, yet every now and again though something happens which makes players sit up and take notice of what’s going on with online Smash.

This week, Yoshidora has broken an elite Smash win record. He’s clocked up 458 consecutive wins, pushing the record in Japan to new heights. This is how it happened and why he’s worth watching off this amazing run.

Yoshi Record

Yoshidora the Yoshi god

Yoshidora is a Japanese Smash player who has become known as one of, if not the, best Yoshi players active in the game. He’s even won a major as Yoshi and taken sets against some of the top-ranked players in the country. Yoshidora has been active in the game since Smash for Wii U and 3DS. He’s become a bit part of local tournaments, appearing at loads of Sumabato events and Kagaribi.  One of his biggest wins so far in the MaeTami Summer Festival, where he took 1st place.

Yoshidora is one of a few very strong Japanese Yoshi players. He’s counted among amsa and Ron as the top players who make the case for Yoshi as a high-tier character. It’s with Yoshi that he’s broken the elite Smash win record.

The Elite Smash record was a little tricky to pin down. The previous record was held by Ron, and while  the international record might be a bit higher than his win but it’s hard to pin down. There are claims of a run over 500 in North America, but these seem to date back solely to a tweet. That one could be more of an urban legend than an actual record. This recent run for Yoshidoria is different though, his win clearly documented on his stream.

Yoshidora Breaks the Elite Smash Record

Yoshidora regularly streams Smash Bros, but a recent win has pushed him to much bigger viewership. While streaming, fans began to connect the dots that he was close to smashing the Japanese elite Smash win record. He hit record numbers in his stream, eventually becoming one of the most-watched channels for Smash. Peaking at just a bit under 6K viewers.

This record specifically deals with Elite Smash. This is the upper tier of Smash Bros online. Once players rack up a global Smash power high enough, they move into this mode where they’re competing only against the other top players. This many wins in a row is a huge feat.

Running through that many rounds not only runs the risk of a player making a mistake but uncontrollable factors like hitting on a poor match-up for Yoshi. Yoshidora’s run is impressive, he triumphed over players and characters which were far from a great match-up for the player.

Yoshidora might be attending the Smash World Tour. Offline and Online are two very different games. However, he has clear skills and might be a player to watch at Japanese tournaments going forward. Breaking a record is a clear way to set yourself apart from the crowd.