Zilliqa reveals their new Web3 Mega Machine!

Zilliqa is a web3 company who have been on the radars of many gamers and investors within the world of crypto gaming.

Whilst there have been many new titles, projects and tokens being created by keen users, there is still a small minority of names creating consoles for web3.

Read on further to find out more about Zilliqa and their upcoming product that could really leave a mark on the industry!


Image Credits | The Cryptonomist

Who is Zilliqa?

Zilliqa is an ambitious brand that was founded back in 2017 as crypto had yet to really make a move into the mainstream.

Through the use of smart contracts and scalability, Zilliqa have been able to create an amazing blockchain experience for all users.

They even have their own token, $ZIL. This is currently priced at around $0.03, and had previous highs at the start of this year at $0.18.

Zilliqa’s website is a great place to find out more about them as a company! They have a clear and concise roadmap that shows future and past updates, members of their team and other key pieces of information associated with them.

What is the Zilliqa games console?

Now onto the interesting stuff!

The console’s features are not to be missed as they really do immerse the player into the blockchain and its capabilities.


Gamers will be able to play Zilliqa exclusive titles on this device.

Better yet there is a native wallet that will be able to hold and stake cryptocurrencies for very lucrative rewards.

Many have opted for staking over traditionally holding due to the large interest rates that are paid out on a frequent basis, directly to the user.

Whilst playing games, you are also able to mine the native $ZIL token straight into your wallet.

This adds further utility to both the token and also the device.

If you are a gamer of any sorts this is absolutely the console for you. Especially if you are new to crypto this is a great entry point for you and others alike.

Prototype images of the console have been released via Twitter. It follows a similar design to the already released Xbox One. However that console was a proven hit for many years, so why change it up when it already works?


Image Credits | BeyondGames

When can I access the Zilliqa console?

If you are liking the sounds of this new project then you are in luck!

The testing of this console are due in October for those that want to be one of the first to try out this new set of hardware.

Actual pre orders will follow later on into the first Quarter of 2023.

Zilliqa has an edge over the competition as companies such as Polium who are releasing a similar product. This is because their release comes later into 2023.

However both products do look amazing, so it’s only a matter of time until both are fully available worldwide for everyone to try out.

One thing we are missing however is the price of the Zilliqa console. With how inflated the prices of some consoles have become over the past few years, it will be interesting to see if everyone will be able to access this console and what the price point will be.

Zilliqa are attempting to make this console an easy access point for all users so we can imagine entry price points will further replicate the companies outlook for this project!

Are you excited for this upcoming release? Crypto gaming is making some great moves with technologies advancing very quickly. It will be great to see what the future holds for this!

Happy gaming!