Playnance Introduces PlayBlock Layer-3 on Arbitrum with Gelato RaaS

Playnance has announced the launch of PlayBlock. The gaming Layer-3 ecosystem is powered by Arbitrum Orbit, on Gelato’s RaaS platform.

PlayBlock has the capability to introduce over ten thousand daily active users to its ecosystem of web3 games. The chain aims to provide developers with simplified processes while eliminating the previously existing UX drawbacks of blockchains. The official launch of the PlayBlock on the mainnet is slated for early April.


Credit: Playnance

PlayBlock for game developers

What do game web3 game devs want? Simple sign up processes. Universal profiles. Digital assets available across ecosystems. This is exactly what PlayBlock’s new design will give them ability to do. Developers will have extensive control over aspects of their games.

Many companies are offering new tools to developers at the moment. But this new Layer-3 is poised to lead the upcoming wave of web3 mass adoption. The portfolio is rapidly expanding to include over one hundred bile-first games in development.

“Launching our dedicated chain is a natural evolution of Playnance’s vision as one of the leading peer-to-peer web3 gaming platforms,” said Roman Levi, CTO at Playnance. “Our ambition is driven by the goal to combine the benefits of Web3 on-chain gaming with the fun and accessibility of traditional games, all without the web3 complexity.”

PlayBlock x Arbitrum Nitro

The PlayBlock chain has been developed using Arbitrum Nitro’s rollup technology. After only launching in 2023, Arbitrum has grown its network with the intention of scaling Ethereum securely.

With all of these tools in the arsenal, the chain achieves a 250ms block time and near-instant finality.

Fans can use Orbit’s native gas token feature on PlayBlock by introducing the PBG token set to guarantee a zero-gas user experience. It’ll introduce its own stablecoin, USDP, which should eliminate volatility and enhance the gamer experience.

The PlayBlock Layer-3 chain is designed to abstract away the need for users to pay for gas. If you don’t need to pay for gas, the process is streamlined and allows a better gameplay experience. You won’t need to have frequent wallet confirmations and transaction approvals, ensuring uninterrupted and immersive gameplay.

Furthermore, PlayBlock will include a dedicated self-custodial native wallet called PlayWall, based on ERC-4337. The PlayWall wallet aims to streamline onboarding processes by offering seamless social login and account creation.

Gelato RaaS

The chain will also make up of Gelato’s RaaS platform that natively leverages a suite of web3 services to provide a service “without limits”. Developers can create more user-friendly gameplay directly on the blockchain with the intention of enhancing fairness.

“Playnance approached us with a request to design an end-to-end gaming platform supporting thousands of games and millions of users,” said Hilmar Orth, Founder of Gelato. “We developed a gaming-first, fully-serviced, auto-scalable rollup infrastructure enabling Playnance to grow and scale at pace, whilst focusing on their core business.”

Playnance confirmed that over time, they will move towards a multi-chain vision on Arbitrum Orbit.

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