Red Bull Wololo Legacy – 25th anniversary Age of Empires tournament

Red Bull Wololo is returning for a sixth tournament, bringing the best Age of Empires players together in an actual castle.

Wololo will definitely feature a unique for its impressive setting, and some great players are attending for the biggest prize pool in this series so far. Red Bull Wololo 6 looks set to be one of the biggest Age of Empires tournaments ever.

Red Bull Wololo Legacy

© Red Bull Esports

Red Bull Wololo Legacy

This is the sixth round of Red Bull Wololo. This time it’s celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Age of Empires series, definitely benefiting the grander location for this event. The tournament is going to feature a few different games. AoE IV is getting the biggest prize pool at $300,000. AOE II is getting a $200,000 tournament, and there’s a $50,000 tournament for the original game.

The new Wololo tournament is going to be hosted between October 21-30th. It’s going to be only the second LAN event in the series, so players will be in close contact and not at the mercy of their connections.

The Red Bull Wololo tournament series has really reinvented esports for the game. Some AOE games like 1999’s AOE II have been revitalized by the series, which offers great prizes and support for high-level players. The prize pools have been gradually growing too. It started off with just a $22,188 prize, but this quickly grew to $100,000 in 2021.  This tournament five-folds that into $550,000 in total.

One of the most unique parts of the competition is where it’s held. This is going to be hosted at Heidelberg Castle. Dating back to before 1214 and home to Fredrick V, it’s definitely a fitting place to hold a tournament for Age of Empires.

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Who is Playing?

16 of the most impressive AOE players are going to be taking part in the event. Four players from AoE II DE community tournaments are going to be included in the roster. That’s along with another four Red Bull Wololo winners, Mr_Yo, DauT, TheViper, and Liereyy.

Alongside these 16 invited players, 8 more players are going to be joining the action through open Red Bull qualifiers. These players join some of the biggest players in AOE for a chance to join that roster of Red Bull Wololo winners. The AoE IV game will have qualification done a bit differently too since it’s more recent.

AoE IV’s release finally closed an over ten-year gap in the Age of Empire series. During that time, events like the Red Bull Wololo helped to keep fans engaged with the game and grow its esports community. This latest tournament is the biggest yet.