EA Sports Cup 23 – Date, Location, Teams & Watch Live

The hype for FIFA 23 continues unabated. On September 30, the new game of the series, which met with all football lovers, was greeted with enthusiasm this year as always. FIFA and EA Sports will reward this enthusiasm with an early esports organization. Twenty teams from different parts of the world will play each other in the EA Sports Cup 23.

Unlike other FIFA events, EA Sports Cup 23 will run for quite a long time. Starting on October 17, the tournament will continue until January 21, 2023. It will end after the final match on this date. The event will be held in the United Kingdom and matches will take place every Monday.

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EA Sports Cup 23 Format & Prize Pool

The format of the tournament is pretty straightforward. Teams will start their campaign with the Group Stage and 20 teams will be divided into 4 groups of 5. In the first stage of the organization, which will be played in 2v2 mode, Double Round Robin will be active, meaning that each team in the group will face each other twice. At the end of the matches, the teams that finish in the top 2 places in their groups will qualify for the next round, the Knockout Stage.

Unlike the Group Stage, the second leg of the event will feature a Single Elimination format. The team with a single loss will be eliminated from the tournament.

EA Sports Cup 23 - Date, Location, Teams & Watch Live

With each passing year, the amount of prizes on FIFA’s competitive scene increases. This is thanks to both the growth of the scene and the involvement of more sponsors in the esports side of the game. Although the EA Sports Cup is not one of FIFA’s biggest tournaments, it has a prize pool of $250,000. Teams will receive their share of this pool according to their rankings at the end of the tournament.

EA Sports Cup 23 Teams and Groups

With the tournament just days away, EA Sports recently announced the group draws:

Group A

  • TG.NIP
  • SPQR Brazil
  • Complexity Gaming
  • MGCF eSports

Group B

  • Team FUTWIZ
  • Mkers
  • RBLZ Gaming
  • Guild Esports
  • Blue United eFC

Group C

  • Riders
  • Fnatic
  • Team Falcons
  • Atlanta United FC
  • DUX Gaming

Group D

  • PSG Esports
  • Manchester City
  • Team Heretics
  • AFC Ajax

EA Sports Cup 23 will kick off on October 17 with FNATIC vs Riders. The first clash will kick off at 18:00 UK time, with Group C teams battling it out throughout the day. Group D matches will be played the following week.

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