ESL One Stockholm Major 2022 – Event Info, Teams & Schedule

Alas, the Stockholm Major 2022 will soon be upon us! Brought to you by ESL One, this is the first Major in the 2022 Dota Pro Circuit with a live crowd, main stage, and a talented cast of commentators. It’s an exciting time to be a Dota 2 fan as we watch every region’s strongest representatives gather for a match.

We break down all the tournament essentials and esports betting predictions you may need to fully maximize your viewing experience.

Watch ESL One Stockholm 2022 Live:

ESL One Stockholm 2022 Major Format and Teams

The ESL One Stockholm 2022 Major will run the standard course of Group Stage and Playoffs during its tenure. The group stage, which begins on May 12-17, consists of two groups of nine teams, who will play best-of-two round-robin matches. The top four per group earn a slot in the upper bracket, while the fifth and sixth-placed teams get a chance in the lower bracket. The bottom three seeds in each group end their tournament run.

What changed since the last DPC Major?

What’s unique here is that Wild Cards stage and privileged playoffs slots have been scrapped. The Wild Cards was an iteration of group stage for fourth-place regional winners to compete for one group stage slot. However, this proved to be an inefficient practice as Wild Card teams had to travel to the major venue only to play one match.

Additionally, the privileged playoffs slots reserved for first-place winners of respective regional leagues gave an unfair advantage for these teams to secure a minimal top-eight standing off the bat. Many pro teams have expressed the unfair leverage this system has provided to regions that are monopolized by one prominent powerhouse.

For instance, which competed in the DPC Eastern Europe league managed to secure the International 10 invite by default for winning first place in two Tours’ regional leagues. However, the reality is VP got knocked out of the majors without even advancing further into the playoffs.

Thus, the reworked group stage is a free-for-all system that ensures every team has equal footing in competing for the ESL One Stockholm 2022 Major. Lastly, the playoffs are relatively standard double-elimination best-of-three matches, except for the best-of-five grand finals.

DPC Tour 2 Winners

Competition has completed in all Dota 2 regions except EEU. While the fully finalized list is yet to be confirmed, these are the confirmed teams that qualified for ESL One Stockholm 2022:

  • Western Europe: Gaimin Gladiators, OG, Team Liquid, Tundra Esports
  • China: PSG.LGD, RNG, Xtreme Gaming, Aster
  • Southeast Asia: BOOM Esports, Fnatic, T1
  • North America: Evil Geniuses, TeamSoloMid
  • South America: beastcoast, Thunder Awaken
  • Eastern Europe: TBD, TBD, TBD

ESL One Stockholm 2022 Major Tickets and Admission

Being the first LAN for this DPC season, it’s exciting to watch the grand stage unfold for our favorite teams. Fortunately, tickets are now on sale, and hot on ESL One’s official website.

If watching the ESL One Stockholm 2022 Major up close and personal is your cup of tea, then consider getting tickets. At the time of this article, the Main Wave of ticket sales has a 15% discount, with the cheapest 3-day ticket setting you back by approximately 96 euros. Or 212 euros if you are feeling the premium ticket.

Accommodations nearby the Stockholm Major

As far as accommodations go, one can’t go wrong in the south of Stockholm. Johanneshov is a district known for its sports and lively atmosphere. Furthermore, there’s an accommodations map finder on the ESL One website, showcasing the nearest hotels around the venue.

Quality Hotel Globe is affordable and decent for a 4-star hotel, requiring a two-minutes walk to reach Hovet Arena Stockholm. The stone’s throw distance is enough reason to consider this the best option. Motel L is another cheap option as a 3-star hotel, albeit with good ratings. It’s still within walking distance, so it’s not too shabby.

Alternatively, the Apartdirect Hammarby Sjostad or Park Inn By Radisson Stockholm have terrific hotel services. However, the caveat is the further distance from the tournament venue, which you can utilize the subway transportation to travel.

Dota 2 Major Cosplay

Cosplayers make a big return to Dota 2 at the Major

Betting in Stockholm Major 2022

Group Stage play between nine teams will surely mean action-packed matches every day starting on May 12. However, rest assured that our Dota 2 enthusiasts will be working around the clock to provide match predictions and analysis for your Dota 2 betting needs, check out the Dota 2 news section as soon as the Groups are announced.

A wide selection of curated esports bookmakers are also offering exclusive odds and coverage on the Stockholm Major 2022 too. Check for generous esports bonuses a week ahead of the event!

With $500,000 in prize pool and 3530 DPC points up for grabs, the Stockholm Major 2022 is the most anticipated tournament of the quarter. Hence, stay updated on the event by following the official ESL One Twitter page, Twitch channel, or watch this space for our coverage on the Stockholm Major 2022.