FIFAe Club World Cup 2022 – Schedule, Teams & Watch Games Live

FIFAe Club World Cup 2022 is one of the Tier 1 tournaments jointly organized by FIFA and EA for FIFA esports. Unlike other organizations, in this event players represent their esports teams, not themselves. Teams’s players compete against each other in the 2v2 game mode to obtain points to qualify for the playoffs and then continue to compete for the championship.

The event follows just after the FIFAe World Cup, and precedes the FIFAe Nations Cup. Here’s everything you need to know about this event.

FIFAe Club World Cup 2022 Date, Location

FIFAe Club World Cup 2022 will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark this year. The event, which will be organized at Bella Arena, is going to take place on 20-23 July and be played offline.

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FIFAe Club World Cup 2022 Format

Like most esports tournaments, FIFAe Club World Cup 2022 will have multiple stages. Teams that make it through the qualifiers and into the main stage will compete in the Group Stage and then the Knockout Stage, where they will try to claim victory.

Group Stage & Knockout Stage Breakdown

The first step of the tournament’s main stage will be the Group Stage. The 24 participants will be divided into four groups of 6 teams each. The teams in the groups will play each other twice in a Double Round-Robin format. In the tournament, which will be played in 2v2 Game Mode, each win in the Group Stage will be evaluated as 3 points, a draw as 1 point and a defeat as 0 points.

All matches will end in normal match time, there will be no overtime or penalties. At the end of the matches, the teams that finish in the top 4 of their groups will advance to the Knockout Stage.

Unlike the Group Stage, there will be no comeback for defeats in the Knockout Stage, since the games will be played as a Single Elimination. The matches will take place on July 22-23 and will be played over two legs.

FIFAe Club World Cup 2022 Prize Pool

Like most Tier 1 tournaments, this one also has a large prize pool. With a pool of $300,000, the first team will take the lion’s share. It is not yet clear how the prize money will be distributed among the other teams.

FIFAe Club World Cup 2022 - Date, Format, Teams, Watch Live

FIFAe Club World Cup 2022 Qualifiers and Group Stage Teams

Teams qualified for the main stage through various qualifiers. The regional FIFAe Club Series for Asia, MEA, OCE, EU North/W&S&/E&C, NA, CA & Caribbean, SA all gave their participants, plus two participants from the FIFA TOTS Cup.

The groups of the tournament and the teams that will take part in the groups have also been determined:

Group A

  • Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • exceL
  • MGCF eSports
  • Team Heretics
  • 1.FC Köln
  • Team Flash

Group B

  • Movistar Riders
  • FC Schalke 04 Esports
  • Serious About FIFA
  • Geekay Esports
  • Essentials Gaming
  • Complexity Gaming

Group C

  • Reply Token
  • KRÜ Esports
  • Mkers
  • ANKAA Esports
  • Team Vitality

Group D

  • Fnatic
  • GBX Esports Team
  • NEO
  • Dire Wolves
  • Team Gullit
  • DUX America

Knockout Stage

Out of the Group Stage Lot: exceL, Mkers, Movistar Riders, Dire Wolves, KRÜ Esports, MGCF eSports, Fnatic, Geekay Esports, Ninjas in Pyjamas, ANKAA Esports, Schalke 04, NEO, Reply Totem, Team Heretics, GBX and Serious About FIFA took their places in the Knockout Stage.

The bracket for the Knockout Stage has just been released:

FIFAe Club World Cup Knockout Bracket

Some interesting duels have been put forward for Knockouts. Check out our FIFA News section to find out our daily breakdown and predictions for these matches.