Hearthstone Masters Tour 2019 Seoul Preview – Where to catch all the live action

Hearthstone Masters Tour 2019 Seoul is now just days away. For those wanting to know every detail of this much-awaited event, here is the Hearthstone Masters Tour 2019 Seoul preview.

The Masters Tour Seoul will be a three-event running from August 16–18. There are two venues – VRIZ PC Café for Day 1 and 2; and OGN Studios for the Day 3. Broadcast timing for the event is 6 p.m. PT for the first two days and 7 p.m. PT for the last day. Commentators for the event are – Frodan (Dan Chou), Kibler (Brian M. Kibler), Jia (Jia Dee) and Darroch (Darroch Brown).

hearthstone masters tour seoul preview

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Over 350 from players from different regions will be battling out at the competition for the top prize of $100,000. The overall prize pool for the competition is $500,000, including $50000, $30000 and $20000 for second, third and fourth spot, respectively.

Taking our Hearthstone Masters Tour 2019 Seoul preview further now let’s talk about the day wise events. The Day 1 will witness seven rounds of Swiss pairings. Players with four or more wins will proceed to Day 2.

The Day 2 will feature five more rounds of Swiss pairings. After this, the top eight players will move into two dual-tournament format groups and play all the initial rounds.

On Day 3, the top eight players will return to complete the event.

All the matches in the tournament will be in a best-of-three format. The finals, however, will follow the best-of-five format. All the players will use IGR provided machines.

Where to Watch the 2019 Hearthstone Masters Tour Seoul

Twitch will be live streaming the event on all three days. You can catch all the action from this link http://Twitch.tv/PlayHearthstone. Moreover, just in time for the Hearthstone Masters Tour Seoul, Twitch Drops are making a comeback to support your Saviors of Uldum collection.

Blizzard uses Twitch Drops to reward players for viewing competitive Hearthstone on Twitch. So, it means that you will receive packs just by viewing the Masters Tour Seoul event on Twitch. You will receive one Saviors of Uldum pack after watching the event for three hours, while one additional pack will be for those who watch the competition for six hours. It must be noted that hours logged to be eligible for the packs can be consecutive or non-consecutive. This means that if you leave in between and come back later, the earlier time won’t get lost and will be added to the recent one.

Apart from the opportunity to earn two packs, viewers may also get a classic pack at random. After every hour, 1,00 randomly selected eligible viewers will get classic card packs.

To be eligible for the Twitch Drops, you must link your Twitch and Battle.net accounts. If you have not yet done so, head to Twitch settings menu by clicking the account name in the top-right corner. Next, look for Connections tab and then the Battle.net section. Now follow the on-screen instructions to link your accounts.

The Masters Tour Seoul is the second Hearthstone Masters Tour event this year. The final event will be held in Bucharest, Europe, whilst the first Hearthstone Masters Tour was held in Las Vegas.

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