The Hearthstone Masters Tour is here with an old goodie!

After completely revamping the way Hearthstone tournaments and competitions work, Blizzard is now mixing it up even more! Just in time for the beginning of the Hearthstone Masters Tour in Las Vegas, Blizzard announced the return of a quite popular feature – Twitch Drops!

Between June 14th and 16th, players who so far earned their spot in the tournament will be competing at the LINQ hotel in Las Vegas. Now, most fans could only hope to play at the level these guys are playing at, and that’s okay – it’s still great fun to watch tournaments as they happen, especially with added incentives!


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These incentives are, of course, card-drops! Hearthstone fans that watch three hours of the Masters Tour Las Vegas will be rewarded with a Rise of Shadows card pack! Watching another three hours, for six hours total, gets fans another card pack… and then, of course, there are the class card packs that are also randomly being awarded to 1500 viewers!

There are some eligibility rewards – specifically, you need to link your account with your one to make sure that you can receive your packs. You will also need to be logged into both your Twitch account and account if you want to receive your rewards.

Then you need to watch on one of the approved and eligible channels in order to nab yourself your rewards! There are six total accounts that you can watch on:

  • PlayHearthstone,
  • PlayHearthstoneFR,
  • PlayHearthstoneRU,
  • HearthstoneZHTW,
  • PlayHearthstoneKR,
  • PlayHearthstoneJP.

If you want to earn your packs, you can do so by watching these channels in between 9am PT and 8pm PT. If you’re wondering what you’ll be seeing… well, the first day of the event will see seven Swiss rounds, with five more on day two. The top eight players will be put into two dual-tournament format groups.

The very last day, the top eight players are going to compete in order to determine the top five placements, and thus the lion’s share of the $500.000 total prize pool made up in half by purchases of the Masters Bundle, which was available to all players over the last few weeks. 50% of the revenue made through sales went towards that additional prize pool.

After the Las Vegas event, there will be two more Masters events – one of them based in Seoul, this August, an one in Europe. While the Seoul event will take place between August 16th and 18th, the European one’s details haven’t yet been decided, so neither the location nor the date are known yet. Well, we do know it’ll be in Europe somewhere, and after the Korean event, but that’s not a lot to go on! If you want to participate in the Korean tournament, you can take part in the Online Qualifiers that are taking place throughout June! Qualifiers for the mystery Europe event are taking place in July and August!

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