MLBB MSC Southeast Asia Cup 2022 – Groups, Schedule & Favorites

MLBB Southeast Asia Cup is the second biggest tournament for this grand MOBA. With a generous $300,000 prize pool at stake, it is second only to the World Championship.

For the uninitiated, the MLBB Southeast Asia Cup 2022 is arguably SEA’s largest regional championship for Mobile Legends fans. Top candidates from seven SEA countries battle out for regional dominance. The event is hosted by the MLBB founders themselves, so it’s an official first-party tournament.

MLBB Southeast Asia Cup 2022 Tournament Format

The MLBB Southeast Asia Cup 2022 features a LAN venue at the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The group stage will be distributed into four groups of three teams, where teams play best-of-two round robins. The top two seeds from each group proceed to the Playoffs, where matches are double eliminations.

The variety of SEA teams participating at the LAN tournament is certainly the MLBB Southeast Asia Cup 2022’s selling point. More notably, the candidates are regional winners and runner-ups from Mobile Legends Professional Leagues (MPL). The MPL circuit spans across seven regions; Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Brazil, and MENA (Middle East and North Africa).

Albeit, Brazil and MENA winners do not get a direct invite to MLBB Southeast Asia Cup 2022. What’s important to note is that each MPL also comes with a generous $300,000 prize pool, so many MLBB fans consider the leagues as tier-A level.

MLBB Southeast Asia Cup 2022 Teams

Each regional MPL has two representatives making their debut at the MLBB Southeast Asia Cup 2022, such as:

  • MPL Indonesia S9 – RRQ Hoshi, ONIC Esports
  • MPL Philippines S9 – RSG PH, Omega Esports
  • Myanmar Qualifier – Falson Esport
  • MPL Malaysia S9 – TODAK, Orange Esports
  • MPL Singapore S9 – RSG SG, EVOS SG
  • Mekong Qualifier – IDONOTSLEEP Esports
  • MPL Cambodia S9 – Impunity KH, See You Soon

MLBB Southeast Asia Cup Groups

The teams are divided into four groups of three. Below you can see how the regions were divvied up.

MLBB MSC 2022 Groups

Where to watch?

Mark your calendars for June 11-12 for the group stage, then the playoffs on June 14-19 later. The LAN tournament takes place at the Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC), which has a spacious hall for the event. Visitors can opt for e-hailing rides to the place and forth as the location is relatively urban. Else, expect to pay $2.5 or 10MYR for parking entry per day.

Hotels and accommodations may not be directly at the tournament venue, but there will be a fine selection of them around the neighborhood. Although it won’t be within walking distance, so it’s advisable to travel around via e-hailing.

Alternatively, avoid the crowded audience and live-action of the LAN tournament by watching the MLBB Southeast Asia Cup 2022 on its Twitch channel. Socialize with viewers by spamming relatable memes across the chat, and listen to the crisp voice of commentators.

Watch MSC 2022 Live:

MLBB SEA Cup Favorites & Honorable Mentions

Even among regional champions and runner-ups, there are favorites that fans are aching to watch. Notably, the Indonesian representative, RRQ Hoshi, is a consistent team in its region, often securing first place in the MPL series. Its regional rival, ONIC Esports isn’t too shabby either, often giving the former a run for their money.

Yet, you would be surprised to realize that these top achievers aren’t even in the top four of the recent M3 World Championship. The top threes from the World Championship, namely Blacklist International, ONIC Philippines, and BloodThirstyKings have fallen off recently. This is a good sign of a healthy Esports region, as the competition is evidently harsher when even champions have trouble qualifying for tournaments. On the contrary, we get a glimpse into the two new teams that overthrew their predecessors, RSG PH, and Omega Esports.

EVOS SG and TODAK from Singapore and Malaysia respectively, played in the M3 World Championship and even secured top finishes. As world championship teams, the duo will be highly watched by fans in the upcoming group stage.

If we need to choose one region to showcase in strength, it would be team from the Phillipines. Remember, you can expect full market coverage for esports betting at this event.