PUBG Continental Series – PCS 7 Regions, Teams & Favorites

PUBG Continental Series (PCS) 7 is the last major regional event of the year. This online tournament will see teams across the world fighting for their lives as they desperately attempt to gain as many PGC points as possible in order to qualify for the PUBG Global Championship 2022, which will take place later this year at the Dubai Exhibition Centre.

As well as PGC points, there is also a total of $1,000,000 on the line split across the four regions, with 30% of all PUBG net sales from PCS7 items also going to the participating teams. The $250,00 per region is broken down into a $230,000 basic prize pool, with the remaining $20,000 being awarded as special prizes. These include Kill Leader (most kills), All-PCS Team (4 best performing players) and Insane Squad (team with the most impressive moment).

You will not want to miss any of the action of this two-week-long event. With so much on the line, we are guaranteed to experience the best, most intense PUBG gameplay that we have seen all year.

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PCS 7 Event Overview

Regions & Format

The PUBG Continental Series is split up into 4 regions: Americas, APAC, Europe and Asia. 16 teams from each region will be battling it out for their share of $250,000, with every team having previously proved they deserve their place in the Grand Finals by advancing through the qualification stage prior.

The teams will be required to play 30 matches in 6 days, which is split into two weeks. All matches will be played using the SUPER Global Point Rule, where teams gain points for their number of kills and final placement.

Getting first-place awards a team 10 points, and every spot lower will decrease the amount of points. Teams can also gain points by their number of kills. Both point metrics are then totaled to give a team’s Match Points per round. In the event of a tie, priority is given to the team with the highest Total Kill Points across all matches. At the end of the two weeks, whichever team has the most points will be crowned champions.

The list of teams is extensive. Best head over to PUBG Esports for all regional participants.


Below are the key dates for both weeks of competition across all regions.


  • Week 1: September 16-18 (23:00 UTC)
  • Week 2: September 23-25 (23:00 UTC)


  • Week 1: September 16-18 (11:00 UTC)
  • Week 2: September 23-25 (11:00 UTC)


  • Week 1: September 30 – October 2 (17:00 UTC)
  • Week 2: October 7-9 (17:00 UTC)


  • Week 1: September 30 – October 2 (10:00 UTC)
  • Week 2: October 7-9 (10:00 UTC)

PCS7 Schedule

PUBG PCS 7 Betting

PUBG Betting is finally picking up this season. Premier providers like GG.BET feature more then just outright odds this time around. You can guess the weekly and match winners and team placements this season with some insane odds. There is also head2head markets between two teams, similar to the Team Faceoff option within the PUBG client. With four regions and 8 weeks of play, make sure you give wagering on PUBG a go this month.

PUBG PCS Betting

PUBG Fantasy League

PUBG Esports and Twire have created a PUBG Fantasy League for PCS7. You can build your own fantasy team before each competitive week for each region individually. The best drafters will can earn special prizes and prove themselves they are the best drafter among the PUBG Esports community.

All you have to do is go to Twire and select the PCS7 event for the region you want to play. Participation is free, and a global leaderboard makes it easy to see how you fare against others.

History of PUBG Continental Series 6 and the 2022 Season

Earlier this year we saw the 6th PUBG PCS, where teams around the world fought hard for those vital PGC points and large cash prizes. This event was not short of excitement, and had its fair share of storylines as teams showed the fans a glimpse of what to expect from them over the next year leading up to the PUBG Global Championship 2022.

Soniqs dominated PUBG Continental Series 6: Americas

PCS6 Americas saw the Soniqs once again crowned kings of NA after dominating the intense thirty-round marathon, earning themselves $60,000 and 450 PGC points. Across the two weeks, Soniqs easily won in both total kills and placement points. 165 total kills put them far ahead of the opposition, the closest opponents being YAHO with 154. Soniqs also managed to win 7 out of the 30 rounds played, whereas the 2nd best team in this category (eUnited) only managed 5.

Many fans were surprised at how dominant the Soniqs became, considering that they barely qualified for the event through a last chance qualifier. Despite clearly having the potential to become a world championship winning team, their unimpressive results prior to the event and how much they struggled to qualify meant they were hardly considered favorites. But this did not stop them producing an outstanding performance to silence the doubters.

YAHO took second place at the event comfortably, however this team sadly were unable to qualify for PCS7. This will massively hurt their chances of qualifying for the PUBG Global Championship 2022, but there is still hope for them due to their previous good performances this season.

eUnited are also having a great season so far. A fourth place finish at this event and winning ESL PUBG Phase 1 has led to them already qualifying for the PUBG Global Championship 2022 along with the Soniqs before PCS7 has even started.

Soniqs PCS6

Entropiq won PUBG Continental Series 6: Europe

PUBG Continental Series 6: Europe was much more intense than over in America. The winner of the tournament was Entropiq, who managed to stay clear of many close teams.

Entropiq had an incredibly dominant first week, easily topping the table with an impressive 174 points, 51 points clear of second place. A drop in performance over the second week really opened up the tournament as many teams caught up quickly and started to challenge the week one giants. Despite this scare, the team were able to hold onto their lead and end up victorious, finishing with a total of 264 points.

Russian team Northern Lights Team took second place, which thanks to a consistent performance over the two weeks, earned them a total of 246 points. BBL Esports were the best performing team in week two with 150 points, but due a less successful week one they could only finish at a respectable 4th, close behind FaZe Clan in third.

Both Entropiq and Northern Lights have already qualified for the PUBG Global Championship 2022 after other good results this year, with FaZe looking almost definite to join them after PCS7. However if BBL are wanting to qualify, then they will need to hope for their fellow Europeans to perform badly at PCS7, as they themselves failed to qualify for the event.

entropiq pcs6 champions

Daytrade Gaming dominate PUBG Continental Series 6: APAC

Daytrade Gaming were victorious in APAC. The roster from Thailand made the competition look easy, with an outstanding 183 points in week one and a further 127 points in week two. This meant that they had the most points out of any team in both weeks individually as well as in total. This near-perfect performance ensured that they took home the $80,000 and 200 PGC points

With Daytrade’s dominance, the fight for second place ended up being much more intense than that for first. In second place finished Theerathon Five, who despite scoring a very respectable 239 points, were still a huge 71 points off first place. They were closely followed by Unicorn Phoenix Da Nang, who missed out on second by only 5 points.

Petrichor Road win PUBG Continental Series 6: Asia

PUBG PCS6: Asia really went down to the wire as it seemed like any team could win it. Only 15 points separated the top 4 teams. After a below average 91 points in week 1, Petrichor Road needed a miraculous week 2 if they wanted to come out on top. An incredible 148 points in the second week sent them on their way to becoming kings of Asia.

In second place we saw Tyloo, who scored an equally incredible 147 points in week one, but failed to replicate that performance in week two. Their additional 85 points were not enough to keep them from being pushed down into second place, but it was enough to keep them above third place Tianba.