R6 Six Berlin Major 2022 – Format, Teams & Expectations

The Six Berlin Major 2022 is a highly anticipated major to unfold on August 15 – 21. It’s the first major with a live audience since the Pro League S9 Finals, three years ago. With the pandemic subdued, Berlin becomes a lively venue for Six Berlin Major 2022 to celebrate Rainbow Six’s strongest teams.

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Six Berlin Major 2022 Tournament Format and Teams

The Six Berlin Major 2022 features the typical group stage and playoffs, which many R6 viewers are familiar with. The group stage features four groups of four teams, where they will play double round-robin best-of-one matches. On a side note, fans are displeased with the one-round format as it seems rushed to pack the group stage into just three days, albeit each team will face the others twice.

Each group will conclude with two top seeds advancing to playoffs, while the rest are eliminated. Hence, this is high stakes for the participants hoping to get a share of the $500,000 prize pool. In the playoffs, matches are single-elimination best-of-three, so that’s a change in pace for R6 viewers catching the tournament live this weekend.

Rainbow Six Berlin Major Groups

Six Berlin Major 2022 Group Stage

Group A sees an even competition between heavy hitters, XSET, Rogue, and Ninjas in Pyjamas while DAMWON Gaming looks like a lost cause. Meanwhile in Group B, the powerhouse galore ended with Soniqs being the oddball for all the wrong reasons. Soniqs, despite the high expectations, are already out of the competition.

Group C features new candidates, w7m esports, which unexpectedly delivered a phenomenal group stage run and qualified for playoffs. This leaves Wolves Esports, Oxygen Esports, and Gaimin Gladiators to compete for the second seed. Lastly, Elevate is all the craze at Group D as the Southeast Asian team overwhelms popular and seasoned opponents, such as Astralis and FURIA. MNM Gaming, unfortunately, looked underwhelming and unlikely to advance.

Favorites and Expectations

Being a best-of-one format, many teams fall prey to early losses, such as Soniqs and Oxygen Esports. While Soniqs is already out of the Six Berlin Major 2022, Oxygen’s days are numbered if Wolves Esports outdo themselves. Coming from their runner-up victory at Six Paris Major, this is a major upset for Oxygen fans.

FaZe Clan is a strong contender in Group B, with an equally established rival, G2 Esports. It is FaZe’s ongoing winning streak since their victory at Six Sweden Major 2021, Six Invitational 2022 (third place) and the recent Copa Elite Six.

On the same playing field, G2 is hoping to give FaZe a run for their money after an overwhelming victory in favor of the latter. In fact, the stakes are high for G2 to snatch enough points to beat SANDBOX Gaming, which isn’t too far behind.

Aside from powerhouses, w7m esports and Elevate from Group C and D respectively are surprisingly good. They have secured enough points to advance to the Playoffs and are giving other powerhouses a rough time. For instance, Wolves Esports and Oxygen Esports are struggling to secure second place in Group C. Whereas FURIA Esports and Astralis are in a similar scenario in Group D.

Astralis, particularly is the recent Six Charlotte Major 2022 grand finalists, which makes it even more shocking over Elevate’s undisputed victory. Regardless, fans have their hopes high for Astralis to defeat FURIA in a clutching series.

The Six Berlin Major 2022 group stage left many fans disappointed after their favorite powerhouses flopped. Nevertheless, this might just be the major where new faces snatch the championship for themselves. Remember, the Rainbow Six betting odds are all out of whack for the Playoffs.

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