GSL vs. The World 2019 Predictions and Betting Odds: what’s your prediction?

With just a few days remaining for the second WCS Global Event of the year to start, GSL vs. The World 2019 predictions are in full swing. The GSL vs. The World 2019 returns on August 15, featuring a star-studded lineup of StarCraft II talent.

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The event will take place in Seoul, South Korea, where sixteen players will compete in a knockout tournament for a prize pool of about USD $83000. There will be eight top South Korean StarCraft II players and the same number of challengers from the rest of the world.

The format of the game remains the same as last year. There will be a single-elimination system with best of five (Bo5) until the final. In the final, the winner will be decided by best of seven (Bo7) series.

Though the location and format are the same as last year, the maps (as can be expected) are different. The maps this year include Kairos Junction LE, Thunderbird LE, Acropolis LE, New Repugnancy LE, Turbo Cruise ’84 LE, King’s Cove LE and Cyber Forest LE.


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GSL vs. The World 2019 predictions

Talking of the GSL vs. The World 2019 predictions, the Korean team will be looking to reclaim the title this year. Last year, Finnish strategist and BlizzCon finalists Joona “Serral” Sotala clinched the title by a nail biting 4-3 win over the Korean Protoss.

This year’s event will kick off with a match between South Korea’s Park “Dark” Ryung Woo and Mikołaj “Elazer” Ogonowski. The Korean player has had an impressive run this season, including a third place at IEM Season XIII, winning 2019 Global StarCraft II League Season 2 and a third place in the Season 1.

Due to such an impressive performance, Dark leads the WCS Standings with 8,075 points. Also ‘Dark’ is the favourite to win over Elazer. Talking of GSL vs. The World 2019 betting odds, Dark with $1.15 is well ahead of Elazer’s $5.85. Elazer, a Polish strategist and former champion, must not be underestimated. He is popular for his innovative gameplay among the StarCraft II community.

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GSL vs. The World betting odds

Moving further into GSL vs. The World 2019 betting odds, the second match on 15th August also favours the Korean team. Korea’s soO is a favourite with $1.30 compared to $3.60 for TIME.

The match between two South Korean’s Maru and Stats could prove much more even (betting wise) than the first two matches. It will be the second last match on August 15th and GSL vs The World 2019 betting odds this time are $1.67 for Maru and $2.20 for Stats. Last match on the opening day will be between Neeb vs. ShoWTimE. If the betting odds are anything to go by, then this cross-Atlantic clash could also be a clincher.

For the second day, the betting odds are – Serral ($1.40) vs. TY ($2.87); Trap ($1.36) vs. HeRoMaRinE ($3.25); SpeCial ($2.79) vs. Reynor ($1.41); and Classic ($1.30) vs. FanTaSy ($3.50).

Now that you know the betting odds of each player, do let us know your GSL vs. The World 2019 predictions in the comments section below.

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