VCT 2023: Americas League – Schedule, Teams & Watch Live

The 2023 VCT Americas League kicked off April 1st, 2023. The event is hosted in the Riot Games Arena in Los Angeles, the long home for NA Valorant & League of Legends Esports.

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Watch VCT 2023: Americas League Live:

The recommended way to catch the 2023 VCT Americas League would be live through the official Twitch or Youtube channels. If you can’t catch the streams on time, there are also VODs uploaded through both channels. Alternatively, watching videos of co-streamers are also an option, given they provide additional commentary and are edited, leading to a better viewing experience.

VCT Americas League Format & Teams

Like the other two EMEA & Pacific (Insert links to both articles) 2023 VCT Leagues, the Americas League will similarly consist of 10 partnered teams. Given the league encompasses the entire Americas region, aside from the North American teams, invited teams include those previously competing in VCT Brazil and LATAM. However, given the prevalence of North American teams, there is greater NA representation (5 teams) taking half of the invited slots, compared to Brazil & LATAM which split the remaining 5.

  1. 100 Thieves
  2. Cloud 9
  3. Evil Geniuses
  4. FURIA Esports
  5. KRU Esports
  6. Leviatan
  7. LOUD
  8. MIBR (Owned by Immortals)
  9. NRG
  10. Sentinels

Teams will rotate and play each other in a single round robin, with all matches set to be a best of 3 in the initial phase of the competition. Based on their win/loss, they will be placed on a leader board, with the bottom four (4) teams getting eliminated.

The remaining six (6) will then advance to the Playoffs Stage, fighting it out through a double elimination bracket. The top two teams will get a BYE and move onto the next round for free. All matches in the playoffs stage will also move to a best-of-five (bo5), increasing the competition by reducing match uncertainty.

Prize Pool

The top three (3) teams will be awarded a direct pass to both the 2023 Tokyo Masters and Valorant Champions, the highest level of competition across Valorant.

Given only the top 3 teams will get such a grand opportunity, an odd number, the competition will be especially intense in the League. This is because the newly established VCT Americas League combines teams from both North and South America. It will be a much-anticipated battle to see which rival region will field more teams to Masters & Champions.

VCT Americas League Schedule

Below is our updated Week 1 and 2 Schedule:

Week 1 2 Schedule VCT Americas

VCT Americas 2023 – Week 1 & 2 Schedule

In the 2022 first Group Stage game of the North American VCT Challengers, the match between Sentinels and Luminosity Gaming, brought the second highest peak viewers across all other VCT Challenger Stage 2 events worldwide. Given the first game of the 2023 VCT Americas League featured a match between 100 Thieves and Sentinels; both established and highly successful teams, we expect the starting match to blow VCT viewership records.

We are waiting for the numbers to come in to confirm.

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