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„[Staff Writer] Kieran Lee, an esports enthusiast writing articles for a couple of years. Started playing League of Legends way back in season 3, currently active on the OCE server (no hate please). Stayed tuned to keep updated on the latest game news & betting predictions!“

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Bjergsen resigns and becomes part owner of Team SoloMid

After weeks of speculation surrounding the end of Bjergsen’s contract with Team SoloMid, the team has finally revealed Bjergsen will be renewing his contract. The past week especially had beenMore

SKT streaming endeavour jeopardises chances at LoL Worlds

SKT’s streaming contract ends in less than a week before Worlds, having announced earlier in the month that they would be holding twitch streams for five consecutive days from theMore

Worlds Pick’em 2019 Prediction: follow LoL Worlds and get rewarded!

The Worlds Pick’em 2019 will go live on the 9th of October. The event intends to engage more players with the League of Legends World Championship event, rewarding those whoMore

LoL Worlds 2019 Group Draw – Fnatic, SKT, RNG in the “Group of Death”

We finally have the LoL Worlds 2019 Group Draw results. The group stage represents the beginning of the 2019 League of Legends World Championships main event. It consists of 16 totalMore

The ticketing disaster of the LoL World Finals – Fans disappointed!

What’s the issue? Firstly, the League of Legends World Championship finals tickets had partially went on sale an astonishing two hours before the scheduled time. This immediately led to outrageMore

Kingzone Dragonx vs Afreeca Freecs – LCK Regional Finals Match prediction

Backgroud – LCK Regional Finals The LCK 2019 Regional Finals consists of the top 4 team from the LCK based off championship points in the regular Spring and Summer season,More

LoL Worlds 2019 Tickets – All you need to know

Are you looking for information about LoL Worlds 2019 Tickets? While the full League of Legends World Championship scheduled has yet to be released (September 23rd), Riot has already revealedMore

Team Liquid lift the trophy: 2019 NA LCS Summer Split overview

LCS Regular season The top three teams in the NA LCS Summer split, Team Liquid, Cloud 9 and Counter Logic Gaming were all looking rocky in the first three toMore

Echo Fox’s $30 million deal falls through

Just under a month ago, Echo Fox submitted a proposal to sell its LCS position to Kroenke Sports & Entertainment for a grand $30.25 million. This situation follows Echo Fox’sMore

Riot Games leaks new champion in login screen

In the latest release of the Public Beta Environment, also known as the PBE, Riot may have very well leaked their upcoming champion. The log in screen file had beenMore