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„[Staff Writer] Mel is a London-based journalist that has been writing about video games for a few years now. After growing up in Vienna, Austria she followed her dreams and moved to London. Said dreams took her through a few different jobs before she settled on what she really wanted to do – periodically anger video game fans by expressing her opinions on video games via the Internet.“

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LoL 10th anniversary arrives with a splash: new games, updates and shows!

Riot Games has always been a bit of a one-trick-pony. They did one thing, and while they did it well, League of Legends was all they had – this isMore
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The trailer for the new Riot FPS games is out

For the longest time, Riot Games was known for one thing – League of Legends. Recently, another issue drew some attention – in light of the Hong Kong protests, someMore
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Fortnite Chapter 2 – An astronomical update

After disappearing at the end of season 10 entirely, Fortnite fans are now waiting for their beloved game to return. In a pretty gutsy move, the devs had an asteroidMore

The end is nigh: an Asteroid wipes out Fortnite

No, that doesn’t mean that the game is canceled – it just means that season 10 is over. In order to mark the end of this most recent season, EpicMore

Fortnite item trouble: loot or no loot?

Fortnite – the world’s most popular Battle Royale game is now in its tenth season, and it’s still going strong – at least according to some. Others have jumped shipMore
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The future of esports in Latin America

When it comes to esports, there are several countries and regions that come to mind. Japan, South Korea, Europe, America… but not necessarily South or Latin America. The global phenomenonMore
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The future is now: Esports are now something you can study at University!

At least, if you are in the UK or US. For US students, this isn’t completely new. Previously, some universities have started offering esports grants and scholarships to talented playersMore
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DreamHack Winter 2019’s line-up features Pringles, Xbox and Fortnite

For many, Pringles, Xbox and Fortnite makes for a pretty fun night in – those people should be pretty excited that now it can be a night out as well.More
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Corruption in Australia: CSGO and Overwatch teams under investigation

Not just one but several different esports organisations based in Australia are currently under suspicion of having rigged matches and being connected to other criminal activity. Revealed in a reportMore
Esports Industry joins forces with the ESIC to stomp down on fraud in esports

ESIC is short for Esports Integrity Commission. A non-profit independent organisation, ESIC has been around since 2016, uniting several esports organizations and companies in a common goal – to keepMore