As you get more and more into the professional Counter-Strike scene, you’ll become more and more invested in the best CS2 teams and best CS2 players. With that emotional investment will come understanding and excitement. One way to augment those feelings of excitement is to bet on CS2 teams. 

Before going ahead and blindly betting on random sites with your own money, check out some tips on how to ease into the betting process. It is important to first know the different CS2 betting markets available to you. There is a wide spectrum offered so that any fan can find a market of interest to them.

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How to Bet on CS2 Teams with Real Money

Betting with your own money is the most popular way people bet on Counter-Strike teams across the world. Though various CS2 betting sites offer a lucrative betting bonus, you can always depend on your own money. Consider sharing the bets you made with friends so you can sit in Discord with them to watch the games you have all bet on. The banter and excitement created by cheering with or against your friends is priceless and can create memories you will share forever.

Multiple CS2 teams also have exclusive partnerships with various esports betting sites, and in return, they get boosted odds or special offers when they play certain matches. You can see teams like NiP regularly featured on sites like Betway Esports in the special offers section. Betting on your favourite teams can be fun, but you still have to follow some basic rules and get the proper CS2 betting tips for your bets.

If you have a favourite team, check which betting operator is sponsoring them, and look for more beneficial betting markets with their partner.

How to Bet on CS2 Teams for Free

Before gambling your own money, you can learn how to effectively bet on CS2 teams with house money. Several of the best Counter-Strike betting sites give out free money bonuses when you make a deposit. Using other people’s money is always the best way to bet on CS2 teams, even if you are a betting veteran. There are different types of offers for betting for free.

If you are a resident of the US, you can use a unique offer at Betway, giving you options to bet on matches with play money, and still earn rewards if you are the best tipster out there. Betway Bet Pick is a free-to-play poker competition where you can earn prizes just by guessing match outcomes correctly. The offer is only available for U.S. users though.

Another option is to just play with the money you get awarded as a deposit bonus, GG.BET is currently offering a free $20 just for using a promo code. The welcome bonus would be optimal to use while learning about CS2 odds and how they change.

Bet on CSGO Teams for free

Another type of offer will be when you deposit a certain amount of money and receive house money to bet with on top of what you put in. Without having to worry about losing money while learning, it eases the burden of barrier to entry into an intimidating practice.

Betting with Skins

One way new bettors can get started is by betting with assets they already have on CS2. In this case the asset is Counter-Strike skins. While gambling websites of the past allowed you to bet skins in a casino-esque format, you can now do CS2 betting on teams with skins. Choose a betting market like you would normally, but wagering skins instead. The difficult part of this equation is finding a reputable website. The question becomes, where do you bet on CS2 teams when using skins?

The main reason this can be a cool way to bet is because of how drops work in Counter-Strike. Most people will have multiple skins they received from drops after playing the game. Oftentimes these skins have little value, meaning they are not the most desirable nor profitable to sell on the steam market. One thing they are good for is using them as a wager to bet on CS2 teams.

Now that you’ve ramped up your learning appropriately by slowly upping the ante, it’s time to bet on Counter-Strike teams with real money. The stakes are now as high as they can get, so make sure you understand how to bet on CS2 teams before putting money on the line. The biggest thing to keep in mind at this point is to never bet anything you cannot afford to lose, that is how you can continue to keep it fun.

Now that you’ve mulled it over and are comfortable, place a bet on your favourite CS2 teams, but do choose an opponent they can beat in the first few rounds.