The Best Crypto Gambling Sites

Cryptocurrency is a fast-growing area, with more uses for it popping up all the time. Crypto gambling in esports bookmakers has become a pretty big deal. A good number of bookmakers and gambling sites currently offer the chance to use cryptocurrency in your betting. This can help you get more out of gambling and out of your crypto. You can use your crypto holdings to bet on events and potentially get more as winnings. It also means you don’t have to move your money out of cryptocurrency to bet on your favorite esports games.

This guide covers the top crypto gambling sites that you can look towards. These are the main sites for crypto gambling, along with what makes them stand out. That’s along with what you need to look for in a crypto betting site. Being able to use your cryptocurrency is great, but there are some other signs of quality that make one site stand out over another.

Which are the Best Crypto Gambling Sites?

Plenty of factors go into selecting the best crypto gambling site. Bonuses on offer can make it worth checking out quite a few before choosing. You should always make sure you choose the best crypto gambling site to get the most out of their gambling offers. Cryptocurrency play is be a bit more complicated than using fiat, there are a few extra things you have to look at. You have to consider crypto exchange rates on the bookmaker, and overall, how good of a bookmaker the site is in other categories.

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What to Look for in Crypto Gambling Sites

Whether you’re looking at betting or gambling, there are loads of options. However, with more sites offering this there is now a greater difference between the various crypto gambling sites. There’s a big difference between the best and the average.

Cryptocurrencies offered

Cryptocurrency is kind of a wide topic compared to normal gambling. Fiat currency is really just limited to your local one when you’re betting, if you’re looking for the best Crypto gambling sites things are a bit more open. Ideally, the best gambling sites should offer a decent array of currencies to you. This is one of the most important factors to some, but to others, it isn’t really vital.

While this might seem like a general prerequisite for even being a cryptocurrency bookmaker, some sites have different standards. Not every bookmaker or gambling site offers the same options. These are some of the main cryptos you can find on betting sites:

  • Bitcoin
  • Etheruem
  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Dogecoin
  • Monero

While offering as many as possible is great, it isn’t important to everyone. You need the best sites to offer betting and gambling in the cryptos that you use. So, if they don’t offer Litecoin but you don’t want to be involved in Litecoin, then it doesn’t really matter.

Some crypto betting sites only offer betting in their own currencies, this is generally a problem. So, try to go for those that are the most flexible.

Crypto Gambling

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Types of Betting at the Best Crypto Gambling Sites

When you’re looking for the best crypto gambling sites then you need to look specifically at which type of betting they offer. There are a few different and major types of crypto betting and gambling:

  • The first is probably the best, you bet in cryptocurrency itself and get your payouts in crypto. In this type, you’re tied to the crypto that you’re using and you don’t have to even consider fiat in the equation.
  • The second type is where you have to change your crypto to another token or something more stable while betting. This is less than ideal. It does have some benefits like avoiding fluctuations, but it generally reduces the point of going for crypto in the first place. This type is to be avoided when you’re searching out crypto gambling sites.


Fees are a major part of any cryptocurrency transaction! Depending on the type of site you’re using they could vary a lot. Some crypto betting sites offer fees that are considerably higher than you’ll find with the majority of exchanges or other crypto institutions. Essentially, it seems like they’re marking up fees to make a profit off your transactions outside of actually betting. If you’re looking for the best crypto betting sites, you should try and avoid this. Make sure you check what the fees are and that they’re reasonable before you deposit a lot, or it could cost you in the long run.

Security and Anonymity in Crypto Gambling Sites

Security for a bookmaker is an important factor, you need to know that your deposits are getting taken care of and that payouts are fair. When it comes to crypto, things are a bit more complicated. Cryptocurrency users and bookmakers often value anonymity above other things. This can conflict with bookmakers, who need to have some details from customers to satisfy regulations.

Cryptocurrency anonymity has its benefits, but it might be best looking for gambling sites that do offer some protection, to make sure your funds are safe and payouts are fair.

Odds and Events on Offer

While the crypto parts of the website are really important, so is the website itself. You need to think about what events they offer, the overall experience, and the odds. No matter the amount of cryptocurrency that these sites offer, the key factors remain important. This is what you should look at in crypto gambling sites:

  • Site Performance – The actual performance of a website is important beyond just what cryptos they offer. The overall performance of the site should be smooth and easy to use. The best crypto gambling sites make using cryptocurrency easy.
  • Odds – Esports betting odds are pretty important when you’re picking a bookmaker! They decide how decent your payout is actually going to be. Make sure you check for a crypto gambling site that offers good odds.
  • Features and Options – Features on a betting site can help you get more out of one place. Depending on what you’re interested in, you should look for sites that offer things like esports betting, sports betting, and even casino or table games.
  • Number of Games on Offer – The amount of esports, sports, and events for each one of those on offer is important. You ideally want a big enough spread that you don’t have to look around to take part in every event you want to look at.