CSGO has a very large variety of betting markets. So much so that you can bet on almost anything in the game. From who will win the pistol rounds to who will win the series, there is a lot in between. One market you will not generally find on betting sites is CSGO 1v1 betting. Due to the lack of professionally organized tournaments, the lack of popularity and the inherent randomness, it is very difficult to properly regulate.

CSGO 1v1 Betting is reserved mostly for showcase matches that happen during large scale tournaments, where providers quickly set odds based on the match and players in question. A notable example is the BLAST Copenhagen 2019 Pro Standoff, where NaVi and Astralis faced off in five 1v1 duels. CSGO Odds were available for live betting as the event was happening in real time.


Lack of Professionally Organized Tournaments

CSGO 1v1’s are a casual game mode designed to be played with your friends. It is not set up to be played in a professional style format. Due to this, there are many problems when it comes to setting up a betting market. Without an organized and trusted partner to put on a tournament, the integrity of the market is immediately put into question. It would be unethical for companies to allow betters to use CSGO sites for betting on CSGO 1v1.

Currently, you can only bet during 1v1 matches when you live bet on Twitch streamers, and they happen to be having a 1v1 duel. Alternatively, you can wait for a big scale event from ESL or BLAST to feature a showcase that might feature these markets.

It Is Not A Popular Game Mode

One of the biggest factors for setting a betting market is a game’s popularity. Obviously CSGO is an incredibly popular game with a large player base who are interested in the professional scene. However, the large majority are interested in the 5 vs 5 competitive game mode. As of yet, the 1v1 scene has not grown substantially. This makes it complicated when trying to set up CSGO 1v1 betting. When a game mode is so small, the skill discrepancy will be so large that a lot of the games will be very one-sided. Crowds do however enjoy massive superstars take on 1v1 duels for showcase, but for a large scale sustainable scene, it is just not enough.

Here’s one of the most iconic CSGO 1v1 duels in history:


One of the reasons CSGO 1v1 betting has not picked up a lot of interest is due to the inherent randomness in the game. Oftentimes the round is decided by who sees the other player first. This means that in games where there are two evenly matched players there is still a large element of randomness in the game. So while it may be a close game, there may not be very many exciting rounds. This does not make for a great viewing experience like regular CSGO betting does in the 5 vs 5 format.

Since 1v1 betting is not a safe or reliable form of CSGO betting, it is important to know what CSGO markets are reliable and fair. If you are interested in playing this game mode, here is a guide on how to 1v1 in CSGO.