CSGO Live Betting

CSGO Live match betting has become a popular and mainstream activity in recent years. With plenty different betting markets available, there is much fun and excitement to be had. In order to win consistently, one must practise and do the proper research. Even then, nothing is guaranteed. You never know when one team will just fall flat on the day of the match. This can happen in any sport. That’s what makes betting on games in advance so hard at times. However, there is a way you can circumvent this hurdle.  You can place bets on live CSGO matches on certain betting sites!

CSGO live betting can be done on most matches and during most rounds. By doing this, you don’t have to worry about whether or not the team you have bet on is going to play up to their normal standard. It makes the bet safer and can make it more fun, as you can read how both teams are playing and see who is getting the upper hand where it matters.

Here are some things that can make CSGO live gambling a better experience for you.

CSGO Live Betting Odds


CSGO Live Betting Explained

First of all, where betting sites before may have carried an advantage over the bettor, one can argue that in-play betting gives you the advantage over the house. If you are able to spot key elements in the teams play during a match, you can place a bet and win money if you read the game correctly. For example, on every full buy round, team A’s AWPer always kills the other early in the round when trying to take middle on mirage. If you can determine that the advantage gained by team A on full buy rounds is significant, there is a great chance team A will win and you can place a bet.

Secondly, you have a chance to outsmart the esports bookmakers. Since everything is happening live, it means that the odds will be ever-changing. CSGO live odds must be calculated in real-time, meaning that if you can see one team with good odds pulling ahead, you can place that bet before the odds change. Bookmakers are only partially automated, and will take time to make changes to the odds.

Finally, you will get the peace of mind that you can decide to bet when the game starts, instead of worrying about what will happen. Sometimes you can get some anxiety about how future games will go. When CSGO live betting, you can sleep soundly knowing that your money is still in your pocket.

Lets go over some things you should know before starting your journey on CSGO live betting sites.

CSGO Live Betting

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CSGO In-Play Betting Tips

CSGO has seen many insane comebacks over the years. For example, ENCE vs BIG at IEM Katowice 2019. Or Team Liquid blowing a 12-3 lead against the massive underdog in Greyhound. You never know when a team will make a legendary comeback or when a team will choke. To not get swindled, you need solid understanding on how game mechanics work. On top of our standard CSGO betting tips, here are some live betting specific ones:

  1. Primarily, you need to understand the game fairly well. In order to tell who is playing better, you cannot simply see who is winning rounds. You have to notice HOW and WHY they are winning rounds. – Team A may be up 4-0 as the terrorist side to start the game, but that could be because of how poor the CT economy is in this meta. Once they establish their economy and get repeated full buys, the tides can turn quickly. It could also be that a team seems to be gaining momentum and wins 3-4 rounds in a row to make it 8-4. This could simply be because the opposing team kept force buying and gambling by stacking sites. You must understand what could affect the game and how.
  2. Secondly, some people are not aware of the methods of payment you can use for CSGO live betting. Most CSGO live betting sites want money on your account upfront to place a bet. To not lose valuable time depositing while your match is live, always have enough bank deposited.
  3. Finally, you always need to make sure you don’t overcommit due to excitement. At the end of the day, live betting is still gambling and gambling is never guaranteed. You may see your favorite team win a few full buy vs full buy rounds and dominate the opposing team with a solid 11-4 half. This might make you think to bet a lot on your team as they are winning. Regardless of how much of a sure thing a bet may appear to be, it never is.

CSGO live betting can be a lot of fun. Hanging out in a voice chat with your friends and trying to figure out who has the upper hand and trying to help each other win can be exciting and a good way to learn the game. Before making those bets though it will be important to learn how. So have fun, bet smart and get some good returns by beating those live odds!