All of the different CSGO betting markets can make your first bet intimidating. Where can you go to make these bets? What can you bet on? Luckily, we have a guide overviewing a number of your options with examples to match.

First of all, it is important to know where to bet on CSGO matches. In this overview, we will Look at examples across a few trustworthy websites from our CSGO betting sites selection. Using these websites as benchmarks for examples, here are some of the options that esports bookmakers allow betting on. This is also a good place to start for those wanting to learn how to bet on CSGO. 

CSGO Match Betting

When talking about CSGO match betting you need to take into account an expansive list of betting markets available for big profile matches. Sometimes over a hundred different markets are available to bettors to wager on. There are however seven main markets that everyone dipping into csgo betting on matches needs to be aware of.

If you are considering CSGO live betting or unikrn umode the amount of available options expands exponentially. Ideally, we want to take everyting one step at a time, so lets keep to the basics for now.

How to bet on CSGO matches

In order to bet on your CSGO matches you need to be aware of the accompanying systems that limit what and who you can bet on. CSGO betting odds are only a single aspect to the formula that determines if something is a worthwhile bet. There are different markets and options for you to chose from and you should always be aware of what is your absolute best option.

In order to understand the limitations to each markets when csgo betting, lets go over the essential csgo betting markets you need to familiarize yourself with.

Match winner

This bet is your traditional “pick who you think will win the game”, and everyone should be familiar with it.

It is a staple for anyone wanting to engage in CSGO match betting. Though it looks very straightforward, there can be a ton of factors that can impact the odds of this bet. If you have a good idea of what is happening across the scene, you can use it to your advantage. If not, there are always our CSGO betting advice you can utilize to your gain. Some key factors to look at are the players and map pools of both teams.

Match Winner CSGO

Map winner

Here is another bet where having knowledge of the game comes in handy. If you have watched both teams and know their strengths and weaknesses on different maps, it can be a good way to deduce who will win when they play each other.

Selecting individual map winners while match betting requires knowledge of both teams and how they perform. It is not an easy bet to make unless you know the matchup intimately.

Map Winner CSGO


The handicap bet is an interesting one. Sometimes in CSGO match betting, odds makers will give a team a map advantage in a series in order to create less lop-sided odds. In other cases, some teams will be added or deducted rounds in the final score to determine the winner.

Example: If you play a handicap bet that adds 5 rounds to a team, even if the team loses 16:13 you are still a winner after the 5 rounds are added to the final score.

handicap csgo betting market

Total number of rounds per map

This bet can be a bit more of a gamble. Instead of betting the winner of a game or a series, you bet on the over/under of how many total rounds will be played.

The reason this can be more difficult is you can never know if a team is going to perform decently and win more rounds than they normally would while still losing the match.

Example: Cloud9 (before having disbanded) lost several series to top teams. However, in almost all of those games, they won at least 10 rounds and often more. The fact that they always had long games would have made them a good bet for the over in this CSGO match betting market.

total rounds map csgo

Race to Rounds

Another volatile bet that offers great returns is the Race to Rounds option available in the dynamic markets section. The idea behind it is to select the team that goes to a specific round count first out of the two teams. To place this bet you need to be aware of which map the teams are playing and which team is playing which side of the Attacker/Defender dynamic. Some maps heavily favor the defending side and some the attacking. On top of that some teams are excellent at protecting a bomb site, but quite bad at taking control of one or planting the bomb.

This market offers great odds, but comes at the cost of being very well informed about the teams. You can read our CSGO betting advice guide if you want to get into researching specific matchups and potential outcomes.

RAce to Rounds CSGO

Pistol Round Winner

Pistol rounds in professional CSGO have often been a point of discussion. The nature of them is that they are often a coin flip, regardless of who is the better team. This means that there is a lot of volatility in this bet, making it a risky but fun one to make. The bet can be extended as well, as you can bet on both pistol rounds in a match.

Pistol Round Winner CSGO

Tournament Winner

This one is fairly straightforward. Before the tournament, you place a bet on who you think will win the tournament. Generally, this bet has decent payouts due to how hard it can be to predict a tournament winner. This is a good bet to make with multiple friends where you all pick your favourite team.

Example: Placing a bet on Natus Vincere to win Blast Premier Spring Finals.

Tournament Winners CSGO

Tournament finalist is also an option in some cases. The odds of making it to the finals are higher than the odds of winning. The payouts on this bet will not be as big as picking the winner.

CSGO Live Betting

Watching a match live and want to place a bet? No problem. Many sites offer dynamic live betting where the odds change as the game goes on. Unikrn is currently offering live bets on matches like AGF vs Team Fiend.

CSGO match betting has a lot of different options making the betting possibilities very wide. There is a lot to learn and it takes a very long time to master. As long as trusted websites are used it is a safe and ethical way to gamble. The more you bet on esports matches the more fun you will have with it.