CSGO Betting sites are rising in popularity as the entry market for many bettors interested in placing their first esports bet.

After having done some research on the technical aspects of the game and other CSGO betting advice, it is time for you to choose a CSGO esports betting site. There are many factors that come into play when choosing where to bet. Since there are so many different options, it is important to know what each site has to offer before you make your choice.

What is a CSGO betting site?

These websites are built around the concept of betting on esports matches. Using teams of odds makers diligently working to make sure the odds accurately reflect the games, they create a hub for the users to bet on a large number of games across different regions. With all of the different sites to choose from, what are some key things to look at?

Here are a few things to check out before choosing a CSGO betting site.

First of all, certain CSGO betting sites offer bonuses for signing up and making your first deposit. For example, if you deposit 100$ on certain sites, they will offer you an additional 200$ of house money to bet with. This is great for everyone who signs up, however it’s even better for those just getting started. It is less punishing to learn how to bet when you don’t have to put up as much of your own money. It allows you to make mistakes with less monetary consequences. Read our in-depth guide about esports betting bonus.

Something else to consider in CSGO sites for betting is that they have more of a focus on esports. Rather than being focused on sports betting, these sites will often offer a more in-depth look at the esports side of things, and sometimes have more options for CSGO betting enthusiasts.

With more betting options on a site that has more of a focus on esports, this is a good option for those who have more experience with CSGO betting sites. Beginners can benefit from this as well as it will give them more exposure on how to bet on CSGO. Learning can be accelerated when exposed to more in-depth options.

How to choose the best betting site for CSGO betting

Certain esports bookmakers will have different types of odds and coverage than others. Some of them will have very competitive odds but weaker bonus offers, which are not very generous towards those making the bet. Others will offer CSGO betting odds that are great for singles and outright betting, but no options for complicated systems or accumulator bets. Check our CSGO betting markets page to understand the difference.

Those who understand the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene and how everything works will have more opportunities to make extra money when using these sites, much to the CSGO oddsmakers chagrin. Those who are just starting out can often get lucky when it comes to these types of odds as well. This offers a softer landing spot for those who are willing to take risks.

CSGO betting sites 2023 – How to get started with a betting site

Plenty of different betting sites are active in the Counter Strike sphere. Some or solely focused on esports and others are traditional sports bookmakers that dabble in CSGO. Each has its own pros and cons, and are listed here in no particular order. Keep in mind that all CSGO betting sites have minimum age to open an account, and we only feature CSGO betting sites that are legal and safe.

Let’s take Unikrn as an example.

One of the first esports only betting sites on the market that set the standard for esports betting. They have an in depth betting market for CSGO, and competitive odds while also sporting a solid Unikrn bonus. Another reason they are quite good is due to their tips page. With in-depth pages on how to improve, they really make an effort to keep you betting on their platform by giving you education tools in order to take your enjoyment of the experience to the next level.

csgo betting site unikrn

GG.bet is another notable example.

It is not only a betting site, but it is also a news site, and a company that is heavily involved with esports as a whole. Seeing the latest roster moves and recapse of certain tournaments, games or series’ is all a part of the package if you use GGbet as one of your CSGO sites for betting. Much like many other sites, they offer bonuses on deposits. Additionally, they offer live betting which features dynamic odds. Live betting is exhilarating because you can feel out the flow and the energy of the game in order to get a better idea of what kind of bet you may want to make. Check out our more in-depth GGbet review to see if they are the right fit.

csgo bookmaker ggbet

Betway is another power player in the CSGO scene.

Famous across the globe for their unique bonus offers and special events, Betway esports is always seeking unique ways to engage their bettors. As a household name for many, they feature some of the most prominent CSGO tournaments, but might lack some of the niche markets available on highly specialized sites. All around, they are one of the top choices for newcomers.

csgo sites for betting at betway

From the more traditional bookmakers offering CSGO, check out Bet365.

What is great at Bet365 esports provider is the vast options in traditional sports to intermix with your esports offering. On top of that they are one of the most popularized betting sites on the planet with a massive trust factor. As a result, they are a good entry level betting site for those more directly involved with sports betting who are looking to take a stab at CSGO betting.

csgo esports betting site bet365

With esports betting on the rise, it can be fun to use some bonus money and try out an activity enjoyed by many around the world.