When deciding to bet on CSGO, there are multiple factors to consider. Due to many new people coming into the esports betting scene there has been a lot of different information popping up. Here are some practical CSGO betting tips and suggestions on how to bet successfully and important aspects to keep in mind while CSGO betting.

It can be intimidating to put your money on the line on something you have no control over. In order to make it a less scary prospect, it is a good idea to look out for CSGO betting advice as well.

CSGO betting tips

CSGO Betting Tips Simplified

First of all, it’s important that you have enough funds in order to start to bet on CSGO. The easiest way to do this is by using the available bonuses on CSGO sites for betting. For example, on Unikrn you can deposit 100$ and play with 300$. That’s a free additional 200$ for betting. Additionally, it is prudent to only bet with money you can lose.

Please remember that this is meant to be a fun activity, not a stressful one where money you need is on the line. That is one of the reasons that the bonuses offered up by these sites are so nice.

Secondly, make sure you are doing your due diligence where research is concerned. The complexity and depth involved in Counter Strike are what make it so incredible to watch and equally hard to predict. Even those who have been playing and watching for years still have a lot to learn about the game. So where does that leave those who are just starting to seek out CSGO betting tips?

Here we will break down a few important factors to research before you bet on CSGO matches.

1. Have the teams and players been performing well recently?

  • Counter Strike is notoriously momentum based. If a team is on a 10 game losing streak, they may not be mentally prepared for a match. Losing skids can turn players against each other and create a poor atmosphere in the team. On the flip side, teams who are on a winning streak can have the opposite effect.

2. How do the map pools match up?

  • Does one team permanently ban the others best map? Does one team have more map pool depth than the other? Do either have a pocket pick that they bring out occasionally? The map pool can have a heavy impact on any series and is an important factor to consider..

3. What is the history between the two teams?

  • Sometimes there can be a mental block when it comes to facing a certain opponent or in a certain stage of a tournament. For example, Team Liquid would always lose versus Astralis back in the day. TSM before they became Astralis were notorious for choking deep into the playoffs. Sometimes one team just has the others number.

4. Has there been a roster move recently?

  • New rosters are always working out the kinks and trying to figure out the best playstyle for their new team. This can lead to inconsistency.

5. What time is the match taking place?

  • If the match is online, sometimes one team has to play at 5am, which is not optimal, while the other plays at 1pm, a more convenient time for most.

6. What market will you be betting on?

  • Since there are so many CSGO Betting Markets to choose from, the research can give you an edge in certain markets. For example, if a team is notorious for playing more than 25 rounds per game, that could be a good market to bet on.

Lastly, make sure you are using reputable betting sites. Check out our Esports Betting Bonus page to identify lucrative bonuses and select the one you like the most.

Betting Tips for Advanced Users

Advanced users can still benefit from some advanced tips on how to maximize their winnings. When it comes to CSGO specifically some not some obvious tips are going to make a lot of difference. Lets go over the three main ones.

  • Correct Score Bets > Outright Bets

Predicting the correct score on heavy favorites will always net you better gains then just selecting the winner outright. This is especially true on matches where there is a clear favorite that is likely taking both maps regardless of map selection.

  •  System Bets > Accumulator Bets

While accumulator bets will have flashy combined odds for multiple selections, it always better to give yourself at least 1 to 2 match lee-way to make a mistake. While you might need to bet some more money, you almost always guarantee a win on your selection. Pairing this with the previous advice to go for correct score selections, you can guarantee you always have good odds in your bet slip.

  • Exotic markets are key

Finally, a key mistake bettors make is not fully exploring all the bonus markets for a select matchup. While the outright or even correct score odds might be relatively low, there is always a potential exotic market that can fill in a vacant slot on your bet slip. Handicap bets on round differentials are a great example. If a team is an extreme favorite both their outright and correct score odds might be sub x1.50, but a handicap market deducting 7+ rounds from them will still give you x1.80 in return on average.

By adding this three simple CSGO betting tips in your betting habits, you are almost guaranteed to increase your chance of turning a profit.

Now that you have the appropriate funds, some ideas and what to research for your CSGO betting tips as well as some reputable websites to bet on, it’s time to get started. As long as the fundamentals are followed esports betting will serve you well. Play responsibly and have as much fun as you can.