Luckbox: Esport betting for esports fans

Luckbox esports seems to be an excellent choice if you’re looking to get into the world of esports betting quickly. This platform feels especially safe for new gamblers, starting with the fact that the minimum deposit limits at $10 and even allows for betting amounts as low as $5.

Even though the brand is relatively new, this website for online betting has fairly decent backing, starting with a compliant user base, a clean legal record and a good amount of payment and withdrawal options.

In this case, our Luckbox review will focus on eight categories to help you define if this is the place to put your money.

And this way we will investigate the kinds of betting markets it offers, and whether it offers you a nice selection of esports bets when compared to other betting sites.

Besides, our review will cover all legal aspects of the site, customer support quality, and everything regarding the payment methods and bonus offers.

Are you wondering if Luckbox is a great esports betting site? Let’s get to the answers.

Interface & DesignSuitable and intuitive, but a bit dark

While the user interface is quite intuitive and easy to use some design details shock the eye.

The good thing is that it has a fairly large information facility, and gives you direct access to events from the home page. Also, the interface allows you to see what is happening today from the first entry.

Another interesting point is that you can bet on a draw result with just one click.

They got a mobile app

If you are used to taking your bets everywhere, Luckbox won’t be a devastating change for you. The Luckbox mobile app works almost the same as the website, offering information and betting options in real-time.

However, the Luckbox esports app is not compatible with some older Android systems. Also, some users comment that Luckbox mobile tends to have performance problems while watching live games in devices below 1.0GB of RAM memory.

Note: keep in mind that this type of app has high data consumption.

In summary, the user interface is quite good, the design is quite innovative although a bit dark, and the Luckbox mobile app aims for a good experience.


Bonus Offers & Free BetsLuckbox Dota betting with a good start

Being a new project, as usual, bonuses and gifts tend to lag behind the competition. In this case, Luckbox esports offers you a deposit bonus of 100% up to 100$. This offer is valid for new customer as well as existing one: it doesn’t have to be your first deposit. When you make the deposit you just have to use the Luckbox bonus code GLHF.

Note: you might only be able to withdraw your winnings after you spend $100 in the wagering requirement. (Placed on bets with odds higher than 1.50).

This bonus is limited to one per household and the credit will be in your account currency.

Beyond this, the only conditions are that you open the account with a real email and that you are of legal age. Which, they will check through a KYC system. Then you can start checking the Luckbox Dota betting options.

Luckbox Bonus
100% Deposit, up to $100

(OFFER CURRENTLY NOT ACTIVE) League of Legends Risk-Free Bet

Another very interesting offer (especially for new players)is the LoL Risk-Free Refund Offers. How does it work?

Place your single bet on any League of Legends game. If your bet loses you will receive your money back in the form of a bonus, up to a maximum of € 10. This offer can be reused, but only once a week per player.

An excellent promotion for those who want to start betting on esports. Anyway, remember that this offer also applies to already registered users!

(EXPIRED) Halloween Treat Bonus

Luckbox is celebrating Halloween with a special offer: you will get a deposit boosts by 150% and up to € 50 in Free Bets.

The Luckbox Halloween Treat is available for a limited time and it’s open to new and existing players. The only thing you have to do is to use the code BOO when you make your deposit.

150% deposit bonus

First of all, deposit will be matched by 150%. So if you deposit € 20 you will get another 30, for a total of € 50. The maximum bonus you can receive is €150.

Remember that:

  • The bonus money needs to be wagered 10 times before it can be withdrawn.
  • The bonus can be use only on odds higer than 1.80.
  • The bonus will expire in 14 days.

Free Bets

With the same bonus code you can also block up to € 50 in Free Bets, depending on how much you deposit.

  • Depositing €20 you will get 1x €10 Free Bet
  • Depositing €40 you will get 2x €10 Free Bets
  • Depositing €60 you will get 3x €10 Free Bets
  • Depositing €80 you will get 4x €10 Free Bets
  • Depositing €100 you will get 5x €10 Free Bets

Remember that the Free Bets will expire on November 11.

For all the Terms and Conditions we suggest you to visit their site.

Luckbox halloween treat offer

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PaymentsEsports betting with cryptocurrency

In conjunction with most traditional payment methods including debit and credit cards as well as bank deposits, Luckbox esports has a large number of digital means for you to make your deposits and withdraw your money.

Common digital media include Skrill, Trustly, Safepay, and Neteller for your Luckbox CSGO and other esports betting.

On the other hand, due to its association with some wallets, you can make your payments and withdraw your money in several cryptocurrencies, including the most important ones in the market (Bitcoin, Etherum, Litecoin & Ripple). Besides, they count with their own Luckbox coin ICO.

The Luckbox coin is based on the Etherum Blockchain and features pretty well in the trading market.

Besides, in terms of limits, the minimum deposit is $10 and the site offers you the ability to limit your deposits on a daily and monthly basis via the “Responsible Gaming” section.

Bank Transfer

Esports MarketsA new site which holds adventures

The website is relatively new and although it started only covering Dota 2, league of legends and Counter-Strike events, they have been considerably increasing the number of games.  Although the options for some titles are not as varied as for the first three, the platform is still suitable for most players in all titles.

So, apart from the ones we mentioned above, you can place your bets on Overwatch, Hearthstone, Starcraft 1 and 2, Kings Of Glory, Call Of Duty, Super Smash Bros, and Heroes Of The Storm.

When you open the user interface the events will appear in front of you by date. In both Luckbox mobile and the site giving priority to those that are happening at the moment. However, through the tag system, you can filter the events by a game or by the league.

Another important aspect is that Luckbox CSGO allows you to bet on new concepts, a feature that most esports betting sites lack.

In this way, you can make live bets on League of Legends games for example, based on kill numbers, map advantages, level advantages, and more than 20 new betting options, regardless of who wins or loses the game.

Similarly, you have a wide variety of options for the other games, especially for Luckbox Dota and Overwatch betting.

As you can see, we found that the website has a fairly basic variety of titles available. However, it is a site that has managed to grow since its launch just a few months ago and will possibly add many more game titles as the platform gains strength.

Leagues are not a problem

Luckbox bets on the quality of the games, allowing the reproduction of live events for all the available game titles.

At the moment we can say that the platform has done an excellent job in developing betting options for the available esports, including more than 30 leagues for the first three titles only.

In this sense, the website can be ideal for you if you give more priority to the gaming experience than to the bonuses. This, assuming, of course, that your game is already available here.

Live StreamingEnjoy the action while placing your bets

Most online gambling websites offer some esports live betting options. In this case, Luckbox doesn’t lag, although it doesn’t do anything too innovative either.

When a match starts you will receive a notification on your desktop or Luckbox mobile, so you can jump straight into the action and on the same screen place your Luckbox CSGO and LOL bets based on what you are watching at the moment.

However, although they use a traditional video system for esports (twitch), the mobile app may have performance issues on low-edge devices.

So it would be advisable to leave the live bets for your computer if your phone or tablet doesn’t cut it.

Beyond this, you can easily enjoy any match of the best counter-strike leagues, Overwatch and more, from your phone. Anyway, if you see that everything is working well, you don’t have to hesitate to place your Luckbox coin bets.

Be sure to try, Luckbox esports’ live betting options, they can make you some money.

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Odds and LimitsA fairly trustworthy probability

Traces in our research for some years regarding esports betting, we can conclude that Luckbox lags a bit behind the amount of betting options as far as games are concerned.

However, especially for the first three titles, this website has a fairly wide range of betting options offering about 20 different types of bets for each game.

Although these types of bets may not be very interesting for novice players, they are fascinating odds for those who know the games in-depth and are willing to analyze each game more intensely.

On the other hand, the odds are presented in two decimal place format to facilitate visual recognition, and you can see them from the first menu before selecting the games. As well as when making any selective bets (the probability of the game ending in a draw is also shown on the main page).

Are their odds trustworthy?

Although the analyses are never 100% accurate, we have been able to show that the analyses to calculate the odds of Luckbox are quite decent.

So you can be a little bit guided by their odds when betting, but remember to follow mainly your instinct and experience.

Customer ServiceLuckbox Contact has no live options, but quick turnarounds

One of the most decisive elements when choosing a bookmaker is customer service. Unfortunately, Luckbox does not currently have a live call or messenger service. However, user reviews are quite positive regarding the speed of response by cold messaging or mail.

Besides, the website has a fairly extensive and specific FAQ space, where you will find most of the information.

Additionally, you will find direct links to the conditions and terms of use of all types of bets and bonuses just below the purchase options. Don’t forget to also check out the community on discord and Twitter, you’ll find valuable information as well as funny news and memes about events and games that are happening.

Security100% legal and healthy

To begin with, Luckbox has a special license granted by the Gambling Supervision Commission of the Isle of Man. This special commission is in charge of keeping the online gaming industry free of crime, preventing the participation of minors, and ensuring that there is fair gaming.

Moreover, Luckbox is directly permitted by the ESIC (esports integrity commission) which with the support of local governments ensures that gambling remains within the legal boundaries.

Additionally, the platform has a health system to prevent mental illness related to gambling addictions. This system notifies the user when he reports any excess, in addition to offering tools to reduce consumption (at least within the page) through the “Responsible Gaming” menu.

Thanks to this, you will notice that they have the GamCare medal that qualifies the page as socially responsible in this sense.

Is the money safe?

As far as security is concerned, your Luckbox Dota betting money is quite safe within the site as it has an encryption protection system similar to banks. Nevertheless, it is always advisable that you pass your money to cold storage if you are not going to use it for gambling, especially the money you keep in crypto-currencies.

Isle of Man

ConclusionA nice site for newbies

Luckbox meets the needs of any esports fan who wants to make highly organized and specific bets. However, it still has few game titles available, so it’s not really a competition for the biggest sites in the scene.

However, the site has a fairly strong arrival initiative as it allows you to start Luckbox CS2 betting without even having paid the first dollar. To which we can add the welcome bonus that allows you to double your first deposit by up to $100.

While not directly the best betting website available on the market today, Luckbox esports is probably one of the initiatives with the highest growth expectations.

Let’s take into account that in the last few months they have tripled the number of titles available, have a good amount of betting options, fairly reliable odds, and the ability to work your money through cryptocurrencies (Luckbox Coin) which greatly reduces commissions.

Additionally, the web platform complements the mobile application quite well, so you can have the same access to your bets wherever you are.

So if you are new to the world of esports betting this would be an ideal place to start. Be sure to participate in the welcome bonus and start placing your bets today.

Luckbox Bonus
100% Deposit, up to $100