Valorant Odds, Spreads & Lines | Best Valorant Betting Odds 2022

In this piece, we will provide you with everything you need to know about Valorant odds so make sure you keep reading till the end. If you enjoy Valorant betting, then you’ll probably know that all of your potential profits depend on the right esports betting odds.

When betting on any sport or esport market, odds will constantly change. In order to understand how dynamic odds change, you need to understand the essentials of how odds work, why bookmakers offers different odds for the same match and the difference between pre-match odds and live odds. We hope to cover everything Valorant odds related here, and show you the top esports betting sites for Valorant.


Why is having the best Valorant betting odds important?

Before you lock in your first Valorant bet, you should always double-check the Valorant odds among various providers. This might not be important to you if you are only occasionally placing bets, but if you plan to place wagers over a longer period of time, you should always try to get the best margin when it comes to esports betting in general.  That is why it is essential to have accounts and access to various Valorant betting sites.

Valorant Odds

Understanding Valorant Odds and how to calculate your winnings?

Odds are basically the chances of an outcome happening, or in other words odds are an expected probability. In order to calculate your possible winnings, the formula is really simple. We will use decimal odds to showcase this.

The only thing you need to do to figure out your winnings is to multiply your bet amount with the odds you found for yourself at an esports bookmaker. For instance, odds on Sentinels to win the Valorant Champions Tour are 4.5. If you want to stake $100 on this outcome, the math will pan out as follows:

$100 x 4.50  = $450

If you deduct the $100 you initially staked, this means that if Sentinels win the Valorant Champions Tour Finals, you will earn yourself $350.

Different ways to calculate Odds: Decimal, American and Fractional

Different ways to represent the odds will not change how much you can potentially win. While essentially the same thing, the only difference being how they are presented.

Fractional odds are most commonly used in Britain, while Decimal odds are used in mainland Europe. American odds as the name implies are mostly used in USA and Canada. Depending on where you come from, you might be used to a specific type of odds representation and the others might seem strange to you. Most sites will give you an option to change how the odds a represented. However, if your preferred provider doesn’t have this option, let’s break down how the same odds are presented in different ways:

Lets use the previous example of Sentinels winning the VCT Finals:

  • American +350
  • Fractional 7/2
  • Decimal 4.5

As previously stated, the decimal value gives you a number you can multiply by your bet stake to get your final payout. The American representation tells you exactly what you will win for a 100$ wager. Finally, the fractional system tells you that you win 7$ for every 2$ invested. All three bets will still give you the same payout entirely, it is just represented in a different way.

Where to find the Best Valorant Odds?

Finding the best Valorant odds is an arduous task, and our list of providers with the best depth of markets and odds should definitely help you.

*The providers below are listed in alphabetical order.


Established almost two decades ago, Bet365 is one of the top esports bookmakers globally and a prominent player when it comes to esports betting as a whole. Some esports bettors will skip over this site due to the lack of welcome promotions, but trust us, you really do not need a welcome offer to profit at Bet365.

Bet365’s Valorant odds are on par or better then most competitors on the market, and their excellence in service is unmatched by most competitors. If you are seeking a trusted and well established provider, you should give this one a series consideration.


Betway Esports, the top betting provider in the UK has to make an entry on our list. The popular bookmaker is prominent across the entire esports betting scene, and Valorant is no exception. The site boasts an extreme depth of markets with Valorant odds, with everything you need is just a couple of clicks/touches away.

You can find most active Valorant tournaments featured at Betway, and they frequently organize special odds and boost promotions in various games. esports betting is jam packed with markets and features, as well as a strong selection of Valorant betting odds. You will find all upcoming matches way ahead of time, and odds competitive with most competitors even weeks ahead of the event. They key selling point is a welcome offer that is absolutely insane, and mystery jackpot options that will make you deposit in a heartbeat.


GGBET is one of the biggest players in the esports betting space nowdays. Since 2016, this provider has increased their market coverage to a level unmatched by any other competitor on the market. Every esports fan is well familiar with their brand, as GG.BET is one of the biggest esports team and event sponsors on the planet. While they were set up to exclusively to take wagers on games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends and Dota 2, the site has grown into the biggest esports betting platform offering various bonuses and campaigns almost weekly.

Valorant is of course no exception in their special promotional offers.

LOOT.BET offers a very promising esports betting service overall. Valorant is one of the featured markets, and fully exploitable with their ongoing promotions and odds boosts. Although the brand has only been around for a handful of years, they serve up competitive odds on a wide range of quality esports like Valorant, CSGO, LoL, Dota 2, Overwatch and much more.

The key selling point for this provider is an almost perpetual amount of bonuses and promotions you can utilize to maximize your earnings.

Betting markets where Valorant Odds are important

With plenty of offers in terms of markets, identifying the best betting markets for the best Valorant spreads can be a bit of a search. Ideally, you want a nice mix of safe betting and lucrative returns, and there is a few markets where Valorant odds will remain relatively high, and you can place singles and outright bets for good returns.

Here’s three interesting betting markets you can expect high Valorant betting odds at:

  • Total Rounds
  • Rounds Handicap
  • Correct Map Score

When placing bets you can almost always go for over 20 total rounds. Additionally you can always go for a 2:0 score when a team is a heavy favorite and place a high rounds handicap on them as well. Heavy favorites tend to win by a margin of around 6 rounds on average. This means every handicap below 6 should be a winning bet in most cases.

You can read our guide for a full rundown of esports betting markets.