Breeding Axies is one of the most lucrative ways of earning crypto. You can also add the newly bred Axies to your three-Axie squad. Of course, the breeding process isn’t just about the mating of two random Axies, so an Axie Infinity breeding guide might help you!

What’s Breeding in Axie Infinity?

Since 2021, Axie Infinity has been one of the top NFT games, and with good reason. The gameplay resembles Pokemon games. So you have this open world, lots of adventures, an action-packed PvP arena, and adorable Axies. Apart from the addictive gameplay, Axie Infinity lets players earn crypto rewards every day. Players can play the campaign, win PvP battles, breed Axies, and do much more to earn SLP and AXS tokens.

In simple words, breeding in Axie Infinity is creating a new Axies. You have to breed two of your Axies to produce a new Axie. Players can pick the traits that they want in a new Axie. You can choose the egg’s class, cards, and more. The egg turns into an adult within five days of hatching.

Axie Infinity Breeding

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Players can put their new pets into their team and play the game. Or they can choose to sell the new Axies in the Axie Infinity marketplace. As you can imagine, selling Axies is one of the profitable ways of earning rewards.

Axie Infinity Breeding Guide: How it Exactly Works?

Of course, Axie breeding does not happen for free. The creators need to control the population. You need some sources to make it happen. Here are a few things that you need to note for breeding Axies:

  • An Axie can breed seven times at the max. You cannot breed siblings or parents and their offspring.
  • For breeding, you need SLPs and AXS. As the breeding happens over the Ethereum blockchain, players will also have to pay the gas fees.
  • As discussed earlier, you can get Smooth Love Potions from PvP battles as well as PvE mode.
  • The exact cost of breeding is based on how many times both the Axies have been bred.
  • Origin Axies and MEOs breed seven times, but they don’t need SLPs for breeding.

Where to get SLPs?

The simplest and the most straightforward way of getting SLPs is through PvP and PvE. Completing daily quests also gets you Smooth Love Potions.

  • You can get SLP through decentralized exchange platforms like Uniswap.
  • In case you decide not to use the potions, you can sell them off.

Axie Infinity Breeding Guide: Let’s Get into the Genetics

Every science student knows exactly what’s going on here. We’re about to unravel the guesswork behind “what Axie will the two-parent Axies produce”

As you know, every Axie has six body parts, and each part has three genes – Dominant (D), Recessive (R1), and a Minor Recessive Gene (R2). Of course, the dominant gene gets physically passed down to the next gen Axie. But each of the recessive genes has a likelihood of being passed down.

The chances look something like this:

  • Dominant: 37.5%
  • Recessive 1: 9.37%
  • Minor Recessive: 3.125%

You can use an online gene calculator to get an estimate of what genes are going around.

The Class Calculation in Axie Infinity

Now we come to the class of the offspring. Unlike the genes, there are no complicated calculations for class. There’s a 50% chance that the offspring will take up Parent A’s class and a 50% chance that it will be of Parent B’s class. For instance, if you breed a Plant Axie with an Aquatic Axie, there are equal chances of the baby being a Plant or Aquatic species.

However, if you breed Axies of the same class, the offspring will belong to the same class. So if you breed two Aquatic Axies, the baby will be of the Aquatic class.

Axie Infinity Breeding

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How to Breed Axies in Axie Infinity?

To begin with, you need to choose what kind of Axie you want. For instance, your team might need a strong defender (or tank). So, you will have to breed two Axies that have high HP or self-healing traits. As a tank, you would want the Axie to take a lot of damage, heal itself, and have three or more defense cards.

Once you decide on two Axies, here’s how to start the breeding process:

  • Pick an Axie and tap open that Axie’s page from the inventory
  • Tap on “Breed”
  • Pick the Axie that you want to pair the first one with.

That’s it!

Note that depending on the Axies you are breeding, you will have to pay SLP. Further, you will be charged gas fees while making transactions on the blockchain.

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