Chicken Derby is a complex crypto game where players earn money from breeding and racing chickens. Weird but legit, this game allows players to earn ETH, and by simply trading Chickens and winning races. These races will take place in locations all over the world which makes the game all the more exciting. Read this Chicken Derby review to find out about this game.

About Chicken Derby

Chicken Derby was founded in the year 2021 by a company called Bitlovin Blazers in the Netherlands. The game functions using the Ethereum Blockchain and is filled with play-to-earn features enabling players to earn unique rewards, collectibles, and Ethereum. 

Chicken Derby Crypto Game

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Exciting Racing and Breeding Features 

Made by the developers of Ganja Farmer, Chicken Derby is a game where players can race their chickens to earn Ethereum. There are currently 33,333 chickens on the Ethereum blockchain and each chicken is an NFT (non-fungible token) that has unique stats. Using just one chicken, you can win in races.

This Chicken Derby review found that you can earn ETH by racing your chickens or breeding them to create the strongest offspring. The game is currently in beta and will eventually allow more races. Each chicken has a special talent that can be used to help them win a race. The game’s unique feature also makes it more exciting to watch as chickens race to win. The game’s private auction system works seamlessly with the breeding process. It also includes various race events and customization options, which allow players to customize their chickens.

Speculations on Chicken Derby 

The game is currently in Beta and has one of the most prominent growing communities among crypto games. The developers remain active on Twitter and other social media reaching out to players and giving out gifts. The game is full of positive reviews on many sites and the player base seems to be growing. 

With the beta currently active, the game seems to be going in the right direction. Chicken Derby is sure to grow and become more valuable as more chickens are bred and the existing ones become rare. Feel free to jump on the train now and follow the activities of the game through their official pages and social media accounts.