Dragonary is a dragon breeding NFT game based on the blockchain and this review is here to tell you about it. This crypto game launched around 2021, and due to its young age, new joiners will not receive an early adopter bonus, but luckily there’s a chance of an island sale later this year. The game comes with several desirable features distinct from other crypto games, which include:

  • Play Dragonary for free! It features a complete game experience, and there is no need to pay for it! All the content in the game is free, and money is not required to dominate over other players in the game. 
  • Every item in your account fully belongs to you. You are the owner of all the dragons and rare items in the game, as they are still virtual assets. Although the game is free, the NFTs and rare virtual items have a real monetary value.
  • Earn money trading: Get items in your adventures and daily missions, and earn real money by selling them in the market.
  • Mine crypto for (CYT) Coinary tokens and coins while playing the game. Several rewards are also given from mission and arena victories. You can use it to buy items or packages within the game.

Dragon Elements

Dragonary Review

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This Dragonary review found that the game consists of seven different dragon types, and they all have two abilities and certain assigned roles. These Dragons come in various elements, which are:

  • Ice Element: The resistant DPS
  • Plant Element: Jack of all trades
  • Electric Element: The Range DPS
  • Water Element: The damage reliever
  • Earth Element: The Tank
  • Fire Element: The physical DPS
  • Air Element: The main Healer

Dragonary Resources 

  • Experience: The first type of resource that we can start with is the dragon’s experience. This is the level at which the dragon can take more attacks and can also attack a stronger type of dragon. On higher levels, a dragon can also have an unlockable ability and more attack types. This is also the reason that it is important that the dragon has half of its level to be able to breed. This provides you with rarer and stronger dragons.
  • Ember is another important resource that you need to breed dragons. It is a crucial resource to get to higher dragons’ rarity levels. To get the rarer eggs, you need to acquire the common ember for the common egg and the uncommon ember for an uncommon one. After that, you need to merge them to get the rarer ones.
  • Obsidian is the last resource that you can obtain. It is used in the cave’s alchemy to earn you CYT. Players will need to get up to 1000 Obsidians in order to get paid. This can be acquired through completing five missions each day.

Similar to ember, items can be used to boost a dragon’s stats and they were recently just added to the game.

Dragonary Missions and Game Modes 

This is where all the action and earning will happen if you ever decide to start playing the game. There are three modes, which vary in difficulty, but the game looks the same. This involves battles with three rounds of 5v5 gameplay. The modes are all pretty alike and simple to play. You can only select one character at a time and some of the abilities are randomly attacked.

Dragonary Review

© Dragonary

  • History Missions: History missions are a bit more challenging than the other modes, and they only provide a significant amount of experience. Currently, 12 missions exist in the game that has increasing difficulty levels. These missions are very useful to get all dragons to a level for breeding quickly.
  • Embers: The second PVE mode is where players can obtain various in-game items, such as potions, Embers and obsidian. After completing a mission, they will receive 200 Obsidian, a spark, and possibly an item part.
  • Dungeons: another newly added mode is called Corrupt Dragons, and it involves battling corrupted dragons. A rare type of Dragon is required in order to play.

Other sections of the game include:

  • Cave: This is a place for breeding Dragons and equipping them with items to increase your chances of victory in your missions.
  • Nest: The Nest enables you to pick which egg to hatch. Eggs have different hatching times depending on their rarity.
  • Altar: The altar is where you can create dragons. You must have at least two dragons in order to breed a new one successfully. Here, every operation requires CYT or Embers. The more eggs that you give dragons, the more CYT they will generate.

Conclusion: How to earn Money with Dragonary 

It is crucial to understand that the dragon stats level is the most important aspect of a dragon breeder’s stats. It shows the level of the dragons, as well as their statistics, and it will determine their level of success. If your dragon’s level reaches 90, it will become rare. It should also be noted that the child dragons’ stats increase by 20% compared to their parents.

To earn money in Dragonary, you can easily get daily CYT distribution by doing five missions a day. The goal is to reach the Rare account level in order to get access to more CYT distribution. If you enjoy breeding dragons and entering exciting battles, then this is a game for you. Try it out and become a rare account holder in no time.