Kingdom Karnage is a browser, Google Play, and Steam enabled Animated Combat NFT Trading Card Game. It is simple to learn but challenging to master. Kingdom Karnage, developed by Kepithor Studios, equips you with a nearly thirty-card army and challenges you to reduce the enemy character’s health before their army can defeat yours! 

Equipment and Characters are much more than virtual assets. They are Kingdom Karnage NFTs integrated with and powered by Enjin Coin. The NFTs are available for trading on the Enjin Jumpnet Blockchain and, in the future, Enjin’s Efinity. 

This collectible card game comes with an enjoyable experience and upgradeable decks, which makes it stand out when compared to other crypto games 

Kingdom Karnage Review

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Kingdom Karnage Gameplay

Kingdom Karnage is a browser-based, turn-based, interactive combat NFT game that supports cross-platform play on Google Play and Steam. Each player commands an army of up to 30 cards, intending to deplete the health of the opposing characters before they claim victory and win. Kingdom Karnage features a multitude of game modes, including Campaigns, PvP, Multi-player Dungeons, Crypts, King of Karnage, and Seasonal Events, in addition to the ability to play across multiple platforms.

Each player builds a deck of 30 cards with varying rarities. These rarities include Legendary, Epic, Rare, Uncommon, and Common. The goal of their battle is to reduce the enemy’s health before they can defeat your Hero’s.

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A Refined Deck Menu

The Deck Menu can be accessed by clicking the Deck icon in the Main Menu, which is available to help you sort out cards quickly. Your Hero’s icon can be seen on the top left, and clicking on this reveals your Hero Equipment options.

The 1-5 buttons are different from the usual ones. Each one has a limited number of deck saves. When equipped, a unique item called Codex increases your Hero’s HP and deck saves. It also grants four rarities, which means that each one increases your Hero’s total HP and Deck saves differently.

The average strength of the cards in your deck increases or decreases whenever you remove or add characters. This is called Deck Power. You need to balance out different unique cards to have a strong Deck power. To add characters to your deck, simply select one of the available cards and then click on the empty Deck Slot.

Kingdom Karnage Review

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Upgradeable Cards

It is crucial to know that Bound Cards gotten from the campaign mode cannot be withdrawn to a wallet or upgraded. All cards that were obtained from other game modes can both be upgraded and can be withdrawn to trade on

When upgrading characters, two of the same characters are exchanged for higher levels of that same character. For example, combining two Level 1 Human Warrior cards will give you a Level 2 Human Warrior.

 As you upgrade a character, their Attack Power & Health points increase. They can also gain a new ability as well. The Upgrade menu can be accessed through the Upgrade button located in the Deck Menu. The upgrade view can be scrolled down or up depending on the number of characters in your kingdom.

 If you only have one character, it will not appear in the upgraded view. If you have multiple characters in your Enjin Wallet, they will also not appear in the upgraded view. Multiple characters can be upgraded through one upgrade.

Enter the number of characters you would like to level up and hit Confirm. The view will then show a preview of the characters that you selected. 

Kingdom Karnage Cards

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Kingdom Karnage Currencies

The two currencies used in the game are the blue gem and the red gem. The blue gems drop in dungeons when you are not lucky enough to win characters or equipment.

The second is the Red Gem. These gems are premium currency available in specific modes and do not fall in the game. In King of Karnage Mode, players can challenge the current King using red gems. The King receives a passive income from the challenge and also gains 90% of the entrance fee if the throne is successfully defended.

 The Catacombs dungeon requires a key to enter. Players who own keys can lease their keys and receive red gems in exchange for playing more cards. The gems can be used to purchase more cards. This Dungeon has three unique stages. The first stage of Catacombs Dungeon is called Multiverse Mike. It pits you against Mike giving you a preset deck.

 The Catacombs is the only place in Kingdom Karnage where you can get guaranteed loot drops. It also has the best loot drops in the game, with special items such as Multiverse Loot, enchanted coins and cosmetic items. You can improve your chances of obtaining loot drops by equipping a Lucky Trinket. These Trinkets increase in level after every victory in the Catacombs.

Events and Referrals

The game also comes with special events and seasonal events, which are all promoted through social media and the community.

You can find your referral link on the site’s homepage. This can be used to invite other players for incredible rewards. When they sign up, you will receive 10% of all your purchases as store credit. Endeavor to invite your friends to play.

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