In addition to allowing users to play across multiple platforms, Kingdom Karnage gameplay provides a variety of game modes, including Campaigns, PvP, Multi-player Dungeons, Crypts, King of Karnage, and Seasonal Events. Users can earn $KTT while playing by selecting appropriate game modes, as each game mode is designed to assist them to improve specific game mechanics. 

Kingdom Karnage is a strategy-turn-based, interactive combat NFT game that supports browser, Google, and Steam cross-platform play. The crypto game is beginner-friendly but challenging to master. Each player controls an army of up to 30 cards, and the goal is to deplete the health of the opposing heroes before they triumph and win.

Core Kingdom Karnage Gameplay

Each player has the chance to create a deck of 30 cards that includes rare, uncommon, common, legendary and epic rarities. The goal is to reduce an enemy hero’s health to zero.

Your goal is to beat your opponent’s Hero by defeating their enemy troops. The level of damage that a character can inflict depends on their attack power. The character rarities vary in strength and are also divided into common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary, and each has ten levels.

Kingdom Karnage

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At the start of a match, you draw three cards from your deck at random. Here is a step-by-step rundown of the required decisions in a game.

  • Each card has a cooldown and takes 1-4 turns to activate.
  • At the start of each turn, each card in your hand’s cooldown is reduced by one.
  • Click to select a card when its countdown reaches zero.
  • Choose one of the GREEN-highlighted Drop-Zones.
  • Click again in the exact location to confirm that you want to play that character.
  • The battlefield highlights where your character will move in YELLOW and where your character will attack in RED.
  • After selecting a Drop-Zone, you can change your mind or click again to confirm playing that character.

Upgrading Characters

To reach the next level, combine two characters from the same level. Their Attack Power and Health Points will increase as they level up with the possibility of gaining a new ability.

You can check out the card library to see all of the different characters that are available. Most characters adhere to the combined rules and have ten levels. Also, a few unique characters are in short supply and have a dynamic level.

Each character has a maximum of three special abilities. Each ability has a significant impact on battle strategy and allows you to create a distinct personalised deck from your opponents’. Every character also comes with a base movement speed of 2.

Kingdom Karnage Cards

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There are a few particularly unique characters with a limited supply and a dynamic level; rather than levelling through conventional means, their levels are determined by the proportion of circulating supply to player population (player logins for the past 30 days). 

  • Crimson Paladin’s supply is limited to 1,000. There will never be any more.
  • Mistress of Nightmares has a limit of 100. There will never be any more.

The number of these two characters cannot be increased, but the number of players can. As more and more players become interested in these characters, the scarcity increases, and they can only be bought indirectly from other players’ hands in the Enjin Marketplace.

Kingdom Karnage also has three cross-game characters that can be played in Meta City. Elrond, Aelene, and Gael’s dynamic mechanisms are slightly different and are available for purchase from the Meta City Shop. As more of them are purchased, their level rises.

Kingdom Karnage Equipments

On the equipment page, you can choose a Hero as well as the equipment that will empower your Hero. Dungeons drop essential equipment. Equipment, unlike characters, cannot be upgraded, but it does come in the five rarities with higher rarities equipped with more significant bonuses.

Aside from the core game equipment items, Kingdom Karnage also supports a variety of Enjin Multiverse equipment. With Enjin’s inventory out of control, these items are dynamically in power in Kingdom Karnage. If the number of people playing the game increases, their power goes up. Also, if the supply of an item is increased, they become uncommon and lose power. 

These are the basics of the Kingdom Karnage gameplay for this crypto game. More information will be provided through a Kingdom Karnage review, but here is all you need to know if you are looking to join the Kingdom Karnage crypto gaming community.