Lost Relics is a dungeon-crawling action-adventure RPG game, where you can also garner blockchain items. The game is one of the first blockchain games that used the technology indefectibility. Besides the earnings, you can cook, mine, buy and sell in-game items on a player-to-player commutation, conquer adversaries, loot and get your very own pet. And that’s just some of the many things you have the liberty to do in this game. Read our Lost Relics review to find out about this game.

The game was created by “one-man army” Cliff Clawley who has over twenty years of experience in programming. Anyone who is programming savvy should have an idea of how much work was put into such an amazing product.

Lost Relics Review

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What is the Lost Relics game similar to?

According to other Lost Relics reviews, it is a widespread opinion that this wonderful crypto game has similar features to two other games, namely Diablo and RuneScape. It’s like the two games came together and had a baby – Lost Relics.

Reasons for such opinions are that the crypto game has similar game elements as both games. Like in Diablo, you go through dungeon adventures and loot, and like RuneScape, you can fish, mine, cook etc.

What to expect in the game

When you log into the crypto-based game, what should I expect? Normally, you start with simple items and then get sent off on quests to help you get familiar with “Tamulth”.

Above the dungeons is a land called Tamulth. There are several areas on Tamulth, such as; the Tavern, Royal Emporium, General Store, and so on. You will be charged to enter the dungeon for the first time. While you run through the dungeon, stay clear of fire and slaying adversaries so that you can collect solid loot. And if luck decides to smile on you, you might just find a blockchain item.

Lost Relics Review

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How to Earn Blockchain Items in Lost Relics?

Blockchain items are sparse supply items that can be traded between players. Some items can just be 1 of 20 and, as expected, are quite costly. When in the dungeon and you happen to find precious items in this crypto game, be cautious because every item found is lost upon death. This includes virtual items you might have brought with you. Your chances might be slim, but the answer is Yes! Even on the very first level, you can earn a very expensive item. Imagine what that’s worth in a crypto game.

Enjin Marketplace

If you wish to buy or sell any blockchain item, the Enjin marketplace is the place to get it done. If you have your Enjin wallet linked to the game, you can use any item from the Enjin marketplace in the game.

Advantages of the Founder’s Token

It was found out some time ago that some players had a blue name in the world chat. The founder’s token makes it possible. It gives you two wonderful outfits and a blue name in world chat and leaderboards to stand out from everyone else. Plus, you get early access to new features and event bonuses and boosts. 

Where to sell than the lost relics game’s Royal emporium?

In a situation where you want to sell items you got from your adventures, Royal Emporium is the place to sell them. Items you need for skilling can also be purchased and converted to bounties. Unlike some crypto games, you do transactions with fellow online players instead of buying and selling to an NPC. It gives you a wonderful trading experience, you can buy low and sell high.


In this crypto game, the graphics are top-notch, and the view is amazing. You can rotate, use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out, and most importantly, there are no glitches during the transition – all smooth.

Lost Relics Review

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The Lost Relics game is one of the best that players have come across. This crypto game can boast of the best community around. It’s like someone’s always got your back as sometimes all you have to do is to state that you need something, and someone will gladly list it for sale for you.

One of the best features of the game is the world chat. Nothing feels better than knowing you can connect to someone, let alone people. People are happy to answer questions and guide noob players. Questions, bragging about found items, and trading are all welcome on the chatbox.


I agree that the game can be the opposite of easy sometimes, quite a significant number of people don’t make it out of the first dungeon alive, but people die in dungeons all the time, be they beginners or pros. A strategy is what you need in a dungeon in order to avoid aimless meandering and unsuccessful attempts at clearing the dungeon.

TIP: time your movements if you wish to make it out of the dungeon alive.

Three Tips for Beginners in Lost Relics

  1. Don’t die: it can’t be stressed enough that if you die, you lose it all! So make it a point not to die.
  2. Avoid fire: In forgotten chambers – the first dungeon, it might seem like you’re indestructible because you can just push through fire. You have no idea how wrong you are because every time you run into the fire, you lose 150HP. So don’t try to be James Bond, wait for the fire to stop, and then you can run past.
  3. SHIFT+Right Click: Holding the shift button stops your character from moving, when you combine it with a right-click on your mouse, it gives you room to set up a trap for adversaries. That way, you can kill them before they even get a chance to attack you.

If you like trading and gaming, trust the Lost Relics game to give you the best crypto game experience!