This Noa game review will take a look at this trading card game that falls deep within the DeFi subgenre that brought Blockchain gaming into the spotlight. That is – it is less gaming and more of a new breed of DeFi activity, though an oddly recompensing one. The developers of the Noa game call it “an idle card game”. That is, it is like mining but with cards.

About Noa

From this Noa game review, you’ll see how this crypto game is different from the usual. The Noa game is about leading your team into battle. Build powerful decks with a peculiar hero and auxiliary cards, go into the dungeon, and come out winners. Earn token and tangible loot in the form of NFTs, upgrade your deck, and move to higher levels to earn more. Trade, build, upgrade, battle and earn!

Noa Game

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Noa Game Features

  • Things to collect

Each card used in the game is an actual NFT owned by the player on the wax Blockchain.

NFTs can be upgraded into higher rarity and more powerful ones using the game forge. Collect rare cards and build good decks 

  • Noa game battle

Build a deck of heroes and support cards to fight your way through different levels. Earn tokens, NFTs, and more while going up the leaderboard all the way to the top. Finish quests, and soon you’ll be able to join co-op games for greater rewards.

  • Forge

With the use of tokens and NFTs found in-game, you can craft and upgrade your current cards. Create powerful buildings with new cards and then upgrade them too. Your earnings will increase as you advance.

Noa Game Review: Play to Earn

Every time you play, you earn Noa tokens, and if you win, you make more.

The higher the level, the higher the reward and the higher the probability to receive rare, tangible loot.


Build a deck of 16 hero cards and ten support cards. When the game begins, four random hero cards are placed on the battlefield, as well as two random support cards. Your heroes will battle the enemy cards. And every time a hero goes to OHP, a new one emerges from the draw pile until all 16 are destroyed.

Noa Game Review Gameplay

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The player with at least one hero card on the battlefield wins.

While Noa tokens are the reward, you can get lucky and earn some rare loot. And if you happen to get shards, you can use it to upgrade your cards, heroes, charms, etc.

Card Rarities

NFT cards are available in six rarities. The power of the cards depends on the rarity. The higher the rarity of the cards in your deck, the higher the level of the dungeon you’ll be able to clear. The higher the rewards too. Legendary card from the limited pack is a probability, although mythic rarity can only be gotten by playing the game. All cards can be upgraded in the forge.

Requirements to Play the Noa Game

In order to unlock a 100% rewards rate, you have to own a mana potion NFT in your inventory. You can play without it if you choose, but the rewards will be less and the loot smaller.

The 16 hero cards can be the same card only twice in any rarity available. The ten support cards also can include the same card only twice in any rarity available.

Start the Game

Choose the game level. Noob players start at level 1 and unlock more. If you pass level 1, level 2 unlocks automatically and will be available to you at any time. The highest level is level 25 in phase 1 of the game, and more levels will be added as the game progresses. New features and items, too, will be unlocked.

Game Result

If you win, you will receive a Noa token and have a chance to receive loot. Loots like different NFTs, for example, shards, to upgrade the hero and support cards. Exclusive, new rare cards, boosts, and many other items are included too. 

As we continue, new loot will be introduced in the game. If you happen to lose the game, you get half of the Noa token with no probability of looting in this crypto game.