2022 is a big year for the gaming industry. However, are you wanting more from your library in terms of gameplay and functionality?

Are you wanting to take your gameplay to the next level? With features you may never have considered to feature in a game?

Then look no further as the world of NFT games is taking over! Phantom Galaxies is a title worth fussing over this year. We find out why in our full Phantom Galaxies review.

Phantom Galaxies Explained

Phantom Galaxies

As an RPG game with a daring story and themes that are out of this world, Phantom Galaxies’ overall first look is promising.

Phantom Galaxies is being developed by Blowfish Studios and Animoca Brands. The story follows the Planet Neoterra as it is being attacked. The assault is coming from the Sha’Kari. These aliens are the priest caste of the Sha’Har race who are setting out for vengeance against the humans for mistreating their planet.

The game is currently available on PC & Mac and will later be released on console.

Like many NFT games you are able to view a litepaper. This document gives you a thorough breakdown of the title.

How Can I Play Phantom Galaxies?

Firstly you want to create a metamask wallet. This is the main wallet used within Phantom Galaxies. Any NFTs you own will be stored here.

Once your wallet is connected there a few ways to play:

  1. You can wait for the full game to be released for the public. Due in Q2 2022.
  2. OpenSea.io that will grant you access.

To access the Closed Alpha of Phantom Galaxies you are required to purchase a specific NFT. This is called the “Halberd-001”, and is currently the only one initially available. From there you can access more gameplay and features.

What Is Phantom Galaxies Gameplay Like?

Phantom Galaxies has a lot to offer in terms of playability. This is despite being at such an early point in its lifespan.

Players have the choice of choosing 4 mech suits:

  • Lancer
  • Buster
  • Breacher
  • Assault

The overall feel to the game is action packed, showcasing stellar voice acting and cutscenes throughout the main story mode. Or if you like to take things slower there are plenty of side missions for you to complete.

Multiplayer is a big part of Phantom Galaxies. You are able to join guilds battling for land and resources with other players. You are also able to compete in PVP arena modes battling it out for resources and EXP.

Your playable characters (Starfighters) are levelled up by completing tasks, whilst also being able to make your own. Be aware however you must maintain your character’s health. This makes the game more strategic, setting players apart.

Phantom Galaxies is currently running on the Polygon Network, a layer 2 network atop of the Ethereum Network.

Can You Earn Money On Phantom Galaxies?

Phantom Galaxies

This is a burning question when any NFT style game gets thrown in the mix.

The answer is yes: as a play-to-earn game you can earn money from playing Phantom Galaxies in numerous ways.

Hiring Mecha Fighters

Players who own many Mecha fighters are able to rent them to other players for a fee.


Gain tokens in the game for completing missions, PVP challenges and mining resources. Tokens can then be staked or used to purchase items from the Phantom Galaxies marketplace.

Selling NFTs

Gaining access to the NFT distributions and holding onto ones bought from the secondary market could bring returns for those looking at the game from a long-term perspective.

Phantom Galaxies is set to expand in the future, with a potential for a comic book series and more game instalments.

The Pros and Cons of Phantom Galaxies

With any release there are the pros and cons to consider.


  • There is a lot to do in the game. With multiple game modes and a bunch of collectables Phantom Galaxies brings a lot to the table.
  • The brains behind this game are highly respected in the industry. Having this honesty is important when investing in any NFT game.
  • Lastly Phantom Galaxies has amazing voice acting and cutscene art, making it aesthetically pleasing on the eye.


  • To start the game you must make an initial purchase on a playable character alongside purchasing the NFT to gain access to the missions.
  • This game is on the blockchain. This means that it isn’t for the faint hearted. It is important to familiarise yourself with the risks of playing these games!
  • Phantom Galaxies requires a lot of time from you to complete challenges and level up your fighters. (we assure you it is worth it though).

Is Phantom Galaxies Going To Thrive?

Overall Phantom Galaxies is a very promising project that has a lot to offer for its current and future players. Quality and quantity is apparent in this title as players are treated to consistent triple A gameplay and graphics.

Like any NFT game though there are entry requirements. We advise you to do your due diligence and research crypto and NFTs if you are still new to the space!