RollerCoin is a free mining simulation game where you can play by yourself or with friends and still earn some money. Several questions have come to our attention concerning this crypto-based game. By the end of this RollerCoin review, we hope to have answered them all, or at least the major ones.

What is Rollercoin?

RollerCoin is a crypto game where you get paid in cryptocurrency. This might actually sound bogus but, Rollercoin is legit. That’s what this crypto game offers, and all you have to do is make a character and play the games.

RollerCoin Review

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In Rollercoin, you can upgrade your characters, go on adventures, play against others and earn clean Satoshi. You can also withdraw the money or invest back in the game, whichever you might prefer. Here we’ll be giving you some guides, tips and tricks that can be of assistance when next you play RollerCoin.

Rollercoin Review: New features

There is a new feature on RollerCoin, and that’s the miner’s upgrade. You now have the ability to make your miners mine faster. Let’s talk about the basic miners – they can be bought in parts and upgraded to increase their mining power. You can buy them with Rollertoken or for free by completing quick games.

How do I make money online with RollerCoin?

This crypto game is easy to understand and play, and your earnings depend on your extraction of power.

One can extract power by:

  • Buying miners to do the work
  • Playing mini-games on the site

Games are a sure and exciting way to increase your extraction power. The extraction power gotten through playing games lasts only 24 hours, so it might be a better Rollercoin strategy to buy miners. When you’re not playing by yourself, you’re still earning money with miners.

Rollercoin has also developed an app for free download. The game is quite captivating to play. It has a pixelated kind of feel about it. It starts in an old office and computer. And the higher you go in the game and start earning money, the more you can upgrade both your environment and character.

You can decide to withdraw the money or invest in the purchase of miners so that you can have a steady flow of income.

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How do I withdraw money from Rollercoin?

Withdrawing your money from Rollercoin is not as difficult as one might think. While you play, you earn Satoshi or the smallest unit of Bitcoin. And just like in real life, the money goes into your wallet, and you can choose what you want to do with it.

Suppose you want to withdraw it and send it to your Bitcoin wallet. The only thing to do is select the wallet and add a valid Bitcoin address. After the desired amount is entered, the transfer is done, and that’s it!

Is Rollercoin legit?

It can be difficult to believe that you can earn money just by playing games that you do for free every day. So it’s not at all surprising that certain people believe it’s a ‘Scam’.

RollerCoin is a legit and fun way to earn money!

You will always see the amount of Satoshi you have, and they can be transferred straight to your BTC wallet. The only thing to be cautious about is the use of bots, as they are not allowed. But not to worry, the detection system is improved daily to ensure you get your money.

Tips and Tricks

Here are a few tips and tricks that can help while playing RollerCoin:

  • Be sure to play every day. With enough games played, you will get progressive updates.
  • Recharge your miners daily
  • Be on the lookout for referrals. Your friends can help with your first miner – this can be very helpful if you’re a noob.
  • Take advantage of loot boxes
  • Rewards come when you win, so try to win.

Find out more Rollercoin Tips here.

Hope this RollerCoin review helps you become the best roller you can be. Have fun playing RollerCoin!

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