RollerCoin is one of those intriguing games that’s free-to-play but also play-to-earn. For some, the concept is shady, but RollerCoin is both legitimate and effective, and as an online virtual crypto mining game, it offers crypto-based gamers the opportunity to quite literally make money while playing it. In this guide, we’re taking a look at the validity of the concept of a RollerCoin bot, which essentially plays the game for you and allows you to escape the grind.

Is making use of a RollerCoin bot allowed, and should you even consider doing it in the first place? They come under various guises, such as a ‘RollerCoin Assistant’, but they’re basically the same thing – an automated tool that allows you to keep mining cryptocurrency without actually being present in the first place.

So, should you use a RollerCoin bot? Read on to find out.

Is Using a RollerCoin Bot Allowed?

RollerCoin Bot

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We did the legwork, and there’s nowhere in the RollerCoin terms of service that prohibits the use of a RollerCoin bot. It might seem a little immoral when you consider that there are players actively grinding the game every day to mine, but that’s not going to stop some people from making use of a bot. As this is one of the non-hardcore competitive crypto games, you’re not gaining too unfair an advantage over other players.

It has competitive elements, sure, but generating more cryptocurrency than your friends through the use of a RollerCoin bot may just spurn them into mining more actively themselves. That’s the beauty of a leaderboard-backed game! There may even be some benefits to using a RollerCoin bot – in the words of the developer, you’ll be playing ‘addictive side missions’, so restricting your exposure to those games may stop you from becoming obsessed over time.

Ultimately, using a RollerCoin bot to get an edge in this – one of the leading play-to-earn games – might seem wrong, but there’s no rule stopping you from doing it.

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How Does a RollerCoin Bot Work?

On platforms like GitHub, tech-centric users upload bots and tools that assist a user in playing RollerCoin. There are functions that offer up a RollerCoin calculator, for example, which you can use to determine exactly how much you can make from RollerCoin based on your time input, compute, and overall power. However, if you’re after nothing more than a bot, it’s easy to obtain one with just a few presses of a button.

When we took a look at GitHub, we saw a few bots, one of which was called the MIDAS BOT. It’s important to bear in mind that these functions are typically user-created, and as such, they’re inherently risky – so make sure you do your research and avoid connecting anything to your gaming platform until you’re totally sure the RollerCoin bot you’ve settled on is safe. However, with the MIDAS BOT, the creator advised that:

‘This is a bot specifically developed and created for the rollercoin website. Its use is simple and intuitive – you just have to run the executable.’

There are some requirements necessary that may surface because you can use a RollerCoin bot, though, such as:

  • The resolution of your monitor must be locked to 1920×1080.
  • The website must be in the first tab of your browser.
  • If you have more than one monitor, the RollerCoin page in the browser must be on the primary monitor.

That’s essentially it, and once you run the RollerCoin bot executable, it’ll act as though you’re actually sitting there and playing the game all day.

So, Should You Use One?

There’s no real argument against using a RollerCoin bot, except for the potential safety concerns. If you want to maximise your crypto gains without any real crypto investment, then using a bot is the perfect way to do so. It ensures that you grow exponentially on the RollerCoin mining platform without actively taking part in any of the addictive minigames that are on offer.

If you’re not entirely convinced and want to learn more about the game in general, then consider checking out our RollerCoin review. It’s a one-stop guide to everything you need to know about RollerCoin, guaranteed.