RollerCoin is an online cryptocurrency mining simulator game. The game’s core idea is the distribution of stock rewards between players, depending on their mining power, just like with actual crypto mining. This RollerCoin calculator article is here to help you get a kick-start in the game. Read our RollerCoin review to find out more about this mining game. Give Rollercoin a try, and you just might get hooked.

RollerCoin Calculator

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How to Earn in RollerCoin

There are two ways to earn or mine in Rollercoin;

  • Buying mining equipment – the equipment is virtual, but you can mine real cryptocurrencies.
  • Play mini-games – in which you can earn mining power for 24 to 168 hours.

You can mine three different cryptocurrencies BTC, Doge, Ethereum. Additionally, you can mine Rollertokens, an ERC-20 token that functions as the game’s native currency.

The Math Behind the RollerCoin Calculator


According to Rollerbuddy, which is an online calculator for Rollercoin earnings, an estimated 1,000PH (hash power) is equal to $0.3 a day. This means that if you’re running RollerCoin at a steady 1000PH every day, you get $0.3 daily.

Getting 1000PH is not exactly as easy as it seems. You can play mini-games and earn about 500-1600 GHS, which totals around 0.005PH, seeing as it takes each game about 1m to complete. Multiply the number of games in order to play to reach 1,000PH, i.e., around 20hours of gameplay to get it to 1000PH with an average of 1250 GHS.

With that out of the way, as long as you know how the game works, your power will last for 7days. So $0.3 × 7= $2.10 for 20hours of work, which equals $0.105/hour.

$0.105/hour might seem like nothing, so I’m sure you’re wondering why people still play RollerCoin. Look at it as an investment because RollerCoin looks more like an investment than a game. There are the miners – also known as endless mining machines. They can mine till the end of the existence of the game. All you really have to do is come back every 5days to click on the recharge button.

Let’s assume you have 1000PH worth of miners, which means $0.3 every day without you doing anything. You don’t have to play mini-games, and you have free money. Also, there are no electricity costs. It only gets better from here.

Is RollerCoin an Investment?

You might say that RollerCoin is becoming more of an investment than a game. This is because RollerCoin, unlike what people say, is not going anywhere. This was established when RollerCoin released the statement about the availability of a marketplace where people can trade miners.

The marketplace is a space where players will be able to trade in-game items, Rollertokens, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and so many more. This marketplace is expected to be released in season three, and players will be able to farm drops from playing games.

Although the income gained may not seem like much, there are several reasons for you to try out RollerCoin.