RollerCoin is a crypto game where you get paid in cryptocurrency. This might actually sound bogus, but Rollercoin is legit. That’s what this crypto game offers, and all you have to do is make a character and play the games. Here to help you learn more about this game are some RollerCoin tips and tricks.

Rollercoin Tips

In RollerCoin, you can upgrade your characters, go on adventures, play against others and earn clean Satoshi. You can also withdraw the money or invest back in the game, whichever you might prefer.  To start earning in RollerCoin, just register, customize your character and start building your mining empire. More information about the basics of this game can be found in our RollerCoin review.

RollerCoin Tips

Here we’ll be giving you some tips and tricks that can be of assistance when next you play RollerCoin:

  • You can earn without any deposit: The more you play this crypto game, the more you earn. Different rewards come from different games, and the rewards increase with each win.
  • Recharge your miners: Always remember to recharge your miners because the miners ensure you a steady stream of income, even without you playing games. Electricity lasts for five days, after which the miners stop mining. So unless you’re tired of mining, remember to recharge your miners.
  • Max reward: Consistently earn the max rewards. Be sure to play every day. When you play enough games, you get progressive upgrades to your PC. It makes the power you earn from games last a little longer, up to seven days. To keep your PC upgraded, all you have to do is just “win” a game every 24hours, like a daily check-in. Just remember that your power will start to fail when you don’t play.
  • There are a lot of miners to buy: Each with its own power level and size. Whether you want big or small, that is entirely up to you really. But make certain to compare the differences and also the cell size. Two single-cell miners can produce more than one double cell miner.
  • Be on the alert for referrals: Your friends can assist you in purchasing your first miner; just have them register using your link, and Rollercoin will compensate you up to 25% of their profits. This doesn’t come out of their earnings. No, the bonus is only given to you.
  • Bonus power: Each miner is special. You can own more than one of each type, but owning so many of the different miners, provides you a bonus to your power.
  • Loot boxes: Be sure to take advantage of loot boxes. There are a lot of loot boxes you can buy, but one that is very special is the Lucky RLT box. It only costs 10 RLT, but can and almost always does, pay out more buying price, up to 500 RLT. Think of it like lottery scratchers.
  • Follow Rollercoin updates as often as possible, probably weekly. They provide a double reward to a certain coin, so make sure to follow in order to take advantage of promos and special offers.