Snook is an online multiplayer game similar to Slither IO where the player must collect achievements and avoid getting killed by other players. In this game, every Snook is an NFT, and players must purchase one to play. Like other online multiplayer games, it features a play-to-earn feature. Players can earn NFTs by completing various tasks. This Snook game review is aimed at newcomers to the NFT gaming world.

As the player progresses, they will accumulate achievements that include various traits and special skins.

These achievements can be verified through blockchain and crypto technologies, making it possible to store them in a way that’s more secure. The game’s character can also be used for commercial purposes, as well as various other perks. When playing the game, players must eat orbs to destroy other Snooks. These achievements can be collected for other games in the future, or they can be earned through the Snook treasury.

Snook Game Review

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Snook Traits

When a player kills another Snook, they will have a chance to collect a trait. The more different traits they collect, the more unique skins they will unlock, and this increases the overall value of the Snook.

It is important to know these traits to properly understand Snook’s gameplay. Twenty-seven different traits exist in the game, and they are divided into three categories. 

  • Pattern Trait 
  • Wearable/SWAG Trait
  • Color Trait 

Players can acquire new traits by either getting a new Snook or defeating other players to attain the traits of their Snooks. A hidden feature is special skins that are acquired by obtaining a certain amount of traits. 

Reviving Snooks

Players can understand the concept of reviving through this Snook game review. Snook is a light game that lacks competition compared to other crypto games. When a player dies, they must pay a fee to revive their Snook. If the player doesn’t pay the fee within 1 hour, the game will burn them. The number of respawns will also be proportional to the number of lost traits. For example, if a player respawns a Snook, the respawned Snook loses a trait. 

At the edge of the map is a strip called the Extraction Zone. There, you can find various points that are round and portal-like. Snooks can pass through them to leave the game and maintain its unique features. 

Game Tournaments 

The game holds a tournament every month. The rules of this tournament involve:

  • The tournament has to hold on the standard map for Snooks 
  • 100-200 players have to participate in every tournament.
  • Every tournament match must have a time limit and not exceed 30 minutes. 
  • Snooks that are killed do not lose traits and are not destroyed. This encourages a space for players to show their skills without any risk. 
  • At the end of the set time, the last player alive wins. If players end up with a tie, then the player with the biggest score will win. 

The tournament has a prize pool equal to 12% of the total bets before the beginning of the match. 

Snook Game Review Tournaments

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Snook Challenge Mode

Snook Challenge is a 1-on-1 multiplayer game mode where players must kill their opponents in order to win prizes. These prizes and rewards cannot be found in the normal modes. Players can participate in three types of challenges which include:

  • Dress Room Fight
  • Wonderland
  • Big Boys Table

The Snook Economy

The Snook Coin economy is an integral part of the game. Its goal is to create a stable and exciting environment for players while at the same time rewarding them with funds for their skills and activity. 

The Snook Coin merger is a natural evolution of gaming. Players have spent a lot of time playing and developing their skills. Until now, their efforts have been measured in terms of rank and/or character evolution. 

Snook is also defining a new asset class called Snook game NFTs with its IO game. Its value can now be based on a person’s skill. Currently, NFTs are valued based on scarcity and effort. This means that without a definite yardstick, the value of NFTs is only determined by supply and demand. This Snook game review shows that players can influence the value of their NFTs by simply defeating other players and gaining unique traits. 


This Snook game review is for those who are new to the game industry and wish to make their own investment decisions through the game. The Snook game is highly similar to other predatory snake games with the exception that it is built on the blockchain. Compared to other P2E game projects, Snook is not very good.