Check out a list of any game based on crypto and you’ll probably see these games categorised according to status. But what does a crypto games status actually mean?

We’ve created this guide to explain what different kinds of crypto games status like development, beta and live mean for your gameplay. So take a look below to have crypto games status explained in simple terms.

Crypto Games Status

All Status Explained

Live: This means that the crypto game is fully playable and you can play it right now. You should expect to be able to play the game without any bugs, and you should be able to trade in any tokens or NFTs earned from your gameplay. Check out our guide that has NFT explained for more about this.

Presale: When you see a crypto games status as ‘presale’, it means that you can fund or play some aspects of the game before its official release. Doing so could see you getting rewarded with a range of different perks and benefits. For example, you might be gifted exclusive access to certain parts of the game or even be rewarded with special NFTs that you could trade in later.

Alpha: This is where the game based on crypto is fully playable from start to finish. However, there might still be a few bugs that will have to get ironed out ahead of the game’s official release. So while it might not be the real deal, playing the alpha version of a game should be pretty close to the real thing.

Beta: These kinds of games means that the title is playable, but that it might be missing some sections that stop it from being fully playable. Plus any game with a beta crypto games status is likely to have bugs and therefore crash at any given moment. Beta games are hugely popular among loyal fans of certain gaming franchises and they remain an invaluable way for developers to make any improvements to the title.

Development: Many crypto games will try and gain interest by publicising how they are in the development stage. This allows fans of a gaming studio to follow the progress of the game, and in some cases, even help with the funding of the crypto gaming project. All of which can be invaluable in drumming up interest in a game on its long journey towards being released.

Cancelled:  This is where the release of a future crypto game is aborted for a variety of reasons. For example, the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl game was cancelled due to fans of the first instalment being vehemently opposed to the whole concept of play to earn crypto games. While there are multiple reasons for a game being cancelled, it signals the death knell of that particular title.

Conclusion – Why it pays to know the crypto games status

Knowing a crypto game’s status gives you the power to know how the development of a game is progressing and how close you are to actually play it. It’s a great opportunity for fans of a particular game to play a beta version and, in some cases, make suggestions to help the developer make improvements.

All of which shows how the crypto gaming revolution has brought the relationship between gaming studios and players closer than ever before. Not only can a player make money with NFT gained from these games, but they are now active participants in deciding which games get created and how they are developed. So be sure to check the status of your favourite game on crypto.