Townstar is a brilliant play-to-earn farming crypto game. Players can earn Town Coin which is the cryptocurrency that the game is based on by completing the daily quest.

Players can also buy, sell and trade NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) which increase players earnings. However, having your Townstar best strategy is essential for success.

townstar strategy

Overview of Town Star

Townstar is the flagship crypto game from Gala Games (co-founders of Zynga Games). It is a fun farming game with a great deal of strategy and can provide great earnings.

It can be played on Android and Apple phones as well as PCs and Macs. Players earn Town Coin by getting 1000 stars in the daily quest.

Stars can be earned by selling various resources that can be produced by the town. This then gives the player 1 Town Coin but this rate can be multiplied by various in-game NFTs. Players also need at least 1 NFT to begin earning Town Coins.

It is a game with a lot of depth and strategy so setting up your Town well is essential to success. Players must use their land and resources efficiently as well as building the right things.

There are many options to effectively earn resources but here are some of the best.

Townstar best strategy: wool rush

Townstar is a very popular game with many great Townstar reviews. Therefore, getting high on the leaderboard early is essential and so a good strategy is key.

The wool rush is the best Townstar strategy for the early game if starting in a forest with at least one river. These requirements are vital for this strategy.

Sell all the resources in your town and destroy the farmhouse, silo and wheat fields. This should provide enough resources for the full build.

For this strategy, you need a sheep pen on the edge of the river and the following buildings: a storehouse, a trough, 2 feed mills, 2 ranch houses and a lumberjack.

Then place a road and a Bitrue Wheat stand near the feed mills.

With this setup, the ranchers will fill up automatically, the lumberjacks will provide wood for the wool recipe and the ranchers will provide food for the sheep.

Selling 10 wool gives 45’500 dollars in-game currency which is enough for another sheep pen. Allowing you to expand this setup to start bringing in huge amounts of cash to set you up perfectly for later projects.

Choosing a location strategy

Townstar is one of the best crypto games for beginners and the first thing a player needs to do is choose a starting location.

This game has split the world up into plots of lands that players can build their land on. There are 3 biomes based on the plot’s location, forest, plains and desert.

Forest is the easiest starting location as it has lots of natural resources to provide an early boost.

Plains is best for ranches as it has lots of space. Deserts have late-game resources like oil and sand but are hard to get started in. The biome is essential to the strategy used.

Another aspect to consider is the worldwide location. You want to be as close to a city as possible. This reduces travel time for your resources to get to the city when selling them.

Furthermore, the terrain surrounding a plot can massively impact it. Nearby ocean limits crop growth due to saltwater, but can be used in the production of brine and harvesting sand.

Nearby rivers provide a passive water bonus to crops. Mountains block wind and provide shade, they are also required to make mines for various resources.

These are all important factors to consider when picking a starting location as it dictates strategy greatly.

Townstar Best Strategy

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How to make gasoline strategy

Gasoline is required to transport a Town’s produce when selling it. Players will quickly run out of gasoline, so creating a production line is essential to long term success.

To produce gasoline, start by building a worker house and place a water facility down next to it. Once complete, build an oil pump and a wind turbine to power it.

While these become building, construct a warehouse to store the energy produced. Then build a paved road to where the refinery will be constructed.

Once the refinery is built, the Town should begin creating gasoline. The worker will begin transporting all the resources to the correct locations and the build will be complete.

Just keep in mind that this will cause pollution so try to build it away from your crops. These are just some key tips to improve your Townstar best strategy and increase your earnings.