Crypto mining games are a great way to play games on the blockchain and expose yourself to the fun and potentially lucrative side of Web3.

Despite uncertainty around the whole of crypto, gaming has remained strong and still continues to attract blue chip companies like Sony and Microsoft. This means crypto mining games for 2024 should be considered if you are a fan of gaming, crypto or want to learn more.

Crypto Mining Games

In this article we cover crypto mining games to check out this year, explaining what they are to give you a better understanding of this up and coming sector for gaming.

What are Crypto Mining Games?

Crypto mining games are a type of crypto game that allow you to mine crypto and NFTs. The game’s will follow a story or a key gameplay mechanic such as PVP game modes and will then further incorporate mining. The mining allows you to access resources to be used in the game or swapped for a currency or other digital asset transferable into the real world.

Depending on the type of gamer you are there are many different types of crypto mining games as we will get into in this article. They can be casually played or have more of a competitive nature and can be played across different platforms such as mobile, desktop and now even sometimes console.

Top Crypto Mining Games to Play in 2024

Here’s our list of some of the best crypto mining games that you can check out in 2024:

1. Spinnia World

Spinnia World Best Crypto Miner

Spinnia World is a WAX blockchain-based crypto mining game. By acquiring an NFT character you can begin mining in-game to earn additional rewards and tokens. NFT characters are known as ‘Spinneys’ and they are capable of earning SPN tokens and are a key fundamental to Spinnia World.

Spinnia World falls under a Spin-to-Earn model where you gather NFT characters, attach Rune cards for added bonuses and begin earning.The game itself is beautifully presented, matched with the innovative mechanics for both earning and gameplay, players are truly in for a treat. Be sure to try out Spinnia World if you want to give crypto mining a go.

2. CrazyMiner

Crazy Miner Crypto

CrazyMiner is another blockchain mining game based on the Binance Smart Chain. If you are a computer geek, you will love the theme of this game. You step into the shoes of a computer genius and your skills are your primary weapon.

The game expects you to make strategic decisions. You have to win PWRs to earn rewards. CrazyMiner is set in the year 2013 amidst a bubbling market. Your aim is to create the largest mining warehouse by using the most efficient combination of equipment, intelligence, and computing power.

3. Space Heroes

Space Heroes mining Crypto

If your favorite pastime is watching movies and reading comics about the end of the world, then you will totally like Space Heroes. The metaverse game lets you be an astronaut. You will be sent into outer space with a bunch of other astronauts to hunt other planets to live on (yep, we managed to bring about the collapse of the ecosystem).

As an astronaut, you will perform various tasks that let you earn crypto assets and NFTs. The play-to-earn model also lets you own in-game assets like ‘Laboratory’ and profit off of them. The WAX-based game is available on Android phones and the web. Currently, it’s in the pre-sale stage.

4. Kryxivia

Kryxivia Crypto Mining Game

© Kryxivia

MMORPGs are highly engaging and this is why many gamers prefer these games. Kryxivia is an exciting MMORPG that has a fantasy theme. The game also has stunning 3D elements that add to its charm.

Just like any other MMORPG, Kryxivia lets you create your own character and customize it. You can crawl the dungeons, fight bosses, loot items, and enjoy co-op with your friends. Further, the game lets you stake your in-game money in the in-game bank. Moreover, you can collect Kryxit, the magical gems, and link them to your in-game stuff.

Kryxivia is based on the Binance blockchain and is currently in the Alpha stage. As of now, Kryxivia is playable on any compatible browser. You can access the game directly on their website.

5. Cryptonauts

If you are into space and space exploration, then Cryptonauts is the blockchain mining game for you. The RPG allows players to explore space however they want. The game makers have claimed that it is one of the most realistic space exploration crypto games ever. To mine NFTs, you have to mine the new planets in the game.

What’s more, is that Cryptonauts is a multiplayer game. So you can hop on a ride with other players heading to the same destination. You can explore new planets, accept the help of aliens to defend your territories and capture new ones, and do much more. Players can also win NFTs, spaceships, and other items in the lottery.

As of now, Cryptonauts is in the development stage. The game and the value of the tokens will evolve as the game evolves.


6. NFT Battle Miners

nft battle miners

NFT Battle Miners is an NFT space themed battle strategy game that is free to play on desktop. It is built on the WAX blockchain which is one of the most popular blockchain’s for NFTs and gaming.

There are multiple regions players can explore to unlock new collectibles and powerups to assist your battle through Arcadia. You travel across Arcadia in over 400 different biomes and 47 environments to mine resources. What really makes this game stand out is its active community both in-game and also on Discord. The game’s developers host consistent events for players to take part in.

Mining allows you to earn additional rewards and crypto. To begin mining you need to play the game and acquire Land and Miner NFTs from playing the game or from the game’s marketplace.

NFT Battle Miners has seasons like other popular games such as Fortnite and Call of Duty. This makes the game more engaging and offers new rewards, overall creating a more sustainable ecosystem.

7. Mining Tycoon

Mining Tycoon Crypto Mining Game

© Mining Tycoon

Mining Tycoon is an ambitious combination of DeFi and NFT. This game is quite unique and might be something you have never seen before. As a player, you get to operate your virtual mining machines. With these machines, you mine the fields for free. You have to keep upgrading the machines and farms.

You can take things to the next level with Stake mining. Here, you have to mine pools and dig out NT (the NEXTYPE token). All the stakes are executed via smart contracts to keep things transparent. Depending on your luck, you might get your hands on Gold, BUFF items, souvenirs, and more. You can sell these items to other players.

You can go premium with the NX-L permit and join the BTC pool and win jaw-dropping BTC rewards. All the token rewards can be withdrawn into your wallet.

Honorable Mentions & Other Crypto Miner Games


FWAR Finance is your regular game that combines a lot of different genres into one. You have got exploration, creating stuff, crafting items, breeding, farming, and even combat! FWAR Finance is a lot to take in. However, strategy and tactics are exactly what the game demands from you.

Based on the Binance blockchain, FWAR has a futuristic theme. The game is set in 2150 and mutant animals have invaded the planet. Power-packed plants from across the globe have united with the sole purpose of saving the Earth. The decentralized game has recently witnessed a surge in popularity.

Crypto Coal Game

Crypto Coal Game has simple gameplay mechanics. You, as a player, have to buy a mining vehicle and mine resources. If you like tough complicated games with incessant side quests, then Crypto Coal Game is for you.

All you have to do is get a mining vehicle and keep upgrading it. A powerful upgraded vehicle will collect more in-game resources that you can trade for real money. You get to collect rare artifacts and relics. Crypto Coal Game runs on the native utility currency Coal Coin. You’ll need this to upgrade your vehicles and skills.

The vehicles can also drop a Diamond Token (which is a valuable NFT). You can then sell this NFT off at a marketplace and make profits. The game is based on the Binance Smart Chain and is currently in the Pre-sale stage.

Other Crypto Mining Games Live:

  • (A)Steroid Mining Gravis Finance
  • Cat’s World
  • ChainZ Arena
  • Eterland
  • Farmers World
  • Metaverse Miner
  • Monster World
  • Orakler
  • Rollercoin
  • StarMiner
  • StarryNift
  • The Crypto You
  • VIBEHub
  • Worlds Of Dr Hems
  • ZOO Crypto World
  • Alien Run

Crypto Mining Simulator 2024

Depending on how you want to experience crypto mining and gaming you may want to consider looking into a different way to mine cryptocurrencies.

A new mobile game has been released called “Bitcoin Miner”. Users simulate a Bitcoin mining business on the game, generating Bitcoin rewards both inside and outside the game. Players must find the most efficient way to grow their Bitcoin Mining operation. It is available to play on both iOS and Android devices.

It is brought to us by Zebedee. Upon acquiring the $BTC, you withdraw it to your Zebedee app.

Can I Acquire Crypto from Other Games?

You can acquire crypto from other games that are not strictly crypto mining games. Whilst they are less repetitive and possibly more enjoyable, the rate at which you gain crypto may be lower.

It does depend on how you play the game for example. If you choose to just complete in-game tasks, you may get less crypto than if you played in an esports crypto tournaments for example.

Alternatively you can buy and trade NFTs on NFT game marketplaces.

Check our crypto reviews list to learn more about crypto games and how you can earn.


Other notable blockchain mining games include LandRocker, Rollercoin, CanaBoyz, Immersys, and many more titles.

These are some of the top crypto mining games that you can try in 2024. Crypto games come in all forms and shapes. If you are more into crypto RPG games and crypto MMORPG games, then you can have a quick look at those lists.

If you want to test the waters before entering the crypto games, you can try out some free-to-play games that need zero investment. We have handpicked some of the best crypto F2P gaming titles.